Artificial intelligence, threaten the jobs .. deep analysis of the results of the sudden

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هل سيهدد الذكاء الاصطناعي مستقبل العمل؟

With the development of techniques of artificial intelligence and reliability in various areas, many began to wonder about the impact of this development on the chances of their future work.

So far nobody is able to predict the extent of the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of work, but there are two views on the subject: first, it’s destructive and will bring the disturbance in the labour market and expected in the future to give robots their functions of human beings. There is the other point of view says that the automation could create more jobs by providing new tools to entrepreneurs, this may lead also to the establishment of new lines of business, we can’t imagine now, that view was confirmed by a recent study conducted by the company Redwood software projects digital transformation, which the participants said they believe that 60% of companies will be automated in the next five years.

While Gartner research “it’s by the year 2020 will be the artificial intelligence more jobs”. Has agreed to this opinion is the opinion of Dennis Mortensen, CEO and founder of company home to assistants virtual opponents using artificial intelligence, said: “I look at our company today, to see that two-thirds of the jobs existing today did not exist a few years ago”.

In addition to creating new jobs, will help human artificial intelligence to perform their jobs much better, and this was confirmed by Paul, the head of the Department of technology and innovation in the company Accenture at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he summarized the future of automation in one phrase, saying : “the human + machine helps super strong”.

So how will the artificial intelligence of the posts .. creating new functions and improving existing functionality

For many reasons is likely to be the optimistic view is the most realistic, but the ability of artificial intelligence to transform the future of work, far from being a foregone conclusion.

Dougherty James Wilson, Executive Director of Information Technology and research business in the company Accenture research has jointly authored a book entitled Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, which carry their point in it which says: “the technical and managerial occupations that are required by the artificial intelligence of the future currently includes two categories: the category of instructors, the category of the commentators are, where will the trainers teaching how to do systems of Artificial Intelligence the implementation and simulation of human behaviors, and the commentator, to establish contact between the machines and the staff to humans by explaining the way the work of complex algorithms.”

He appeared robot chat interactive Chatbots recently as a channel of communication new for brands and consumers, it is no secret to anyone that they often provide responses that are inappropriate, there are class trainers who teach algorithms artificial intelligence how to simulate human behaviors through the development of processors for natural language and translation in order to reduce the proportion of mistakes, there is no doubt that understanding the language of most factors required in a robot chat interactive Chatbots, but there is another factor no less important is the factor of empathy, Proof of this is that there are many startups move to the presence of the factor of emotional intelligence in communication-based robots, interactive chat.

Said Eugenia Quaid co-founder of Ripley Lanka Replika : “the robots chat with our that understand human emotions depend on the trained human, I think in the future will be knowledge of human behavior and psychology over the field of battle exciting,” she said, “You build the chat channels in a way that makes people happy and want to achieve their goals, this will not happen without a certain amount of empathy.”

In addition, using companies such as Facebook, Google, human for the management and control of the content, where Facebook is currently about 7,500 people for this purpose, said parent company Google have recently it is planning to involve 10 thousand people in order to manage and control content site youtube.

The mission of the category of the prophet in bridging the gap between New Systems and managers of humans, for example, the development of artificial intelligence systems makes them gaining a lot of mystery, and this causes concern to many senior executives because of the complex nature of the algorithms of machine learning-like the Black Box, especially when the rendering system to take actions inconsistent with the axioms, so will need explanations in English, free of technical complexities presented by a normal human being to assess the risk of their.

And also believes the legislation is an important factor affecting the future of algorithms in machine learning, where the European Union issued a list of the new General Data Protection called the “right to negotiate” which will come into force this year, this means that consumers can question and rely on any decision to be taken, using the algorithms and have no effect on them, and here comes the role of the prophet to perform the operations of slicing algorithms machine learning when wearing machining errors, they will also diagnose the error and help take steps to avoid similar missteps in the future.

Artificial intelligence supports client businesses and industries

Instead of replacing the client’s artificial intelligence can be used as a tool to help staff to work better. For example, employees can call center that uses it in order to get comprehensive information immediate about what the needs of the caller and do his work faster and better, and this applies to most businesses and industries also, in another example in the life sciences company uses Accenture research deep learning and neural networks to assist companies in providing solutions to market faster, in addition to the companies already existing can artificial intelligence create a company to operate in new areas, such as companies that provide Digital Solutions to take care of the elderly and Agriculture based on artificial intelligence and monitoring of the Office of information sales on the basis of artificial intelligence.

Note Dougherty recently there is a shortage of 150 thousand truck drivers in the United States at the present time, and, accordingly, he said: “we need automation to improve the productivity of drivers and their way of life to attract more people to this task”.

The changes that we need to do at the moment

Likely to take ten years to become the technology of artificial intelligence is the norm, because even now there are few companies which started to adopt artificial intelligence techniques to take action to train their workers, with the research firm Accenture indicates that business leaders do not believe that their workers are ready to go artificial now, but 3% Only of them think about the investment to train their employees on these techniques.

On the sidelines of the Conference of the company Accenture in Davos, the global economy FEI FEI Li, an associate professor of Stanford University and the Director of the artificial intelligence laboratory “it is possible to use artificial intelligence to personnel training”.

She said: “I think that there is a possibility impressive to help our machine learning to learn more efficiently and the rehabilitation of the client in the most effective manner, I personally would like to see more investment thinking in this aspect”.

There is another matter to be addressed in 2018 is the lack of real diversity in companies producing technology of artificial intelligence, as pointed out to me, this point in development is a bias in and of itself”.

Has confirmed recent research from the Massachusetts Institute of technology this is the point where said seeker air blue “she found evidence that facial recognition systems recognize the white faces better than black faces. In particular, the study found that if the picture was a white man, the systems guess correctly more terms of up to 99% most of the time, but for black women it can range between 20% to 34% and these challenges have implications for the use of facial recognition technologies, especially in the areas of implementation of the law, advertising and employment.

In the end, this report outlines what artificial intelligence which could not be considered alien force offers a lot of turmoil of its own, but it is in fact a human invention reflects the imperfections of the innovations he added to his side of the humanitarian .

Said Kathy Bess cement head operations and technology At Bank of America in a speech during the Davos Forum: “the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs is completely in our control”, the intelligence artificial will not affect the future functions of human beings, but it is the way we use and develop business opportunities in the future.


Artificial intelligence, threaten the jobs .. deep analysis of the results of the sudden

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