Artificial intelligence succeed in defeated the best team in the game Dota 2


There are some people who are fluent in the use of some electronic games such as Dota 2. Waiting millions of people watch their games to see how some of the best players in the world with the game. One of these opportunities, supports OG has won the award for Valve 2018 International, but he couldn’t win in an exhibition bout against the artificial intelligence OpenAI Five.

Beat this AI on Team OG who enjoys with great skill in game Dota 2 in early review. Won OpenAI Five on five players from Team OG. He was able to do this by relying on the strategies of aggressive and non-traditional included the revival of the Forge of champions in the early stages and the selection of heroes bosses. The team OG having a good knowledge of where he kept the first round for more than 30 minutes, but failed to win against the AI in the end.

The use of artificial intelligence OpenAI Five in this exhibition to show that artificial intelligence can not play alongside players not only humans, but also learn from the methods of their play. Let OpenAI now for people to test their skills against this artificial intelligence.

It requires registration to get the chance to compete against artificial intelligence in the period between 18 April and 22 April. Generally, you should be the result of the match against Team of OG signal enough that the AI won’t accuse with any person.


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