Artificial intelligence may be used to implement the agenda by amending the code

In our humble opinion, we should build artificial intelligence without fear of being benefits of the positive potential outweighs the concerns that taken by most of the people control the robots on the world and destroy peoples!

In fact, the AI won’t only good or evil, just as man offers currently.

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Recently, researchers at Yale and Oxford and Cambridge report consisting of 101 pages, entitled The harmful use of intelligence artificial underscores the real danger of this technology that can allow hackers to target vulnerabilities to inject malicious code into the automated systems, to cause physical damage or a car.

The report addresses another scenario that includes self-driving cars. Where warns of hacker’s ability to change the number of code The concept of artificial intelligence for signal expansion of traffic, a change small enough not to be noticed by humans, but can cause the moving of the entire fleet of cars to ignore the safety laws and traffic signals.

Source: The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence

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