Artificial intelligence lets people see through walls

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Developed a team of Boston University and the Massachusetts Institute of technology within the artificial intelligence laboratory and Computer Science system artificial intelligence a new called RF-Pose able to see objects through walls and the representation of the movement of the person when walking or sitting or standing, where the researchers presented during the events of the IEEE International Conference on computational photography ICCP in the Japanese capital Tokyo imaging technology and software that enhanced the shadows that were captured by the hidden objects and uses algorithms to rebuild it.

Said Sheila inherited Sheila Werth, a researcher within the group in a statement: “the filming of the scene behind the barrier that could provide a tactical advantage in many scenarios is true, for example, navigation with traffic and search and rescue”, where the researchers used a network neuron to improve the wireless signals that bounce off the bodies of the people, allowing the system to create a dynamic personality on the form of a stick are going and stop and sit and its edges while carrying a person in this business.

The team that can use the system to monitor neurological diseases development, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis, where they worked with experts in the treatment of both these diseases, and it was clear that the ability to monitor the daily movements of the patient and his accurately would provide physicians a wealth of information that they can’t get from the examination for half an hour, besides providing a better understanding of the development of the disease and allow physicians to modify medicines.

As the system can help the elderly to live more independently, with the provision of additional security to monitor Falls and injuries and changes in activity patterns, along with the possibility of its use in interactive games and by law enforcement agencies that want to use it to find out whether the person standing behind the wall carrying a weapon through the way he stood and his movement.

The group aims primarily using this system for health care, allowing monitoring of Conduct for location within a room without cameras or any other interventions, the researchers wrote, “all data collected by the group bearing the consent of the participants is anonymous and encrypted to protect user privacy”.

The team plans to implement the mechanism of consent in relation to future applications of the system in the real world, so that through the approval of the use of the person who installed the device to do a specific set of movements until it starts to control the environment.

The researchers said trained neural networks by viewing the video of the person walking next to RF interlocks that they have done during their movement, and then they trained young people to do the same thing automatically, due to the presence of radio frequency signals everywhere, it was the easier to use compared to techniques other sensor.

Said Dina Kate Dina Katabi, a professor in CSAIL researcher key in the project: “people have been trying to discover the people behind the walls since the seventies, and in about the year 2013 have shown that we can trace people accurately, and the benefit here is that we first create the skeleton of the dynamics of the company and its location and how its movement, so that the new system is able to see the person on the other side of the wall, tracking his movements with precision.”

This is not the first of its kind in the strict sense of the word, since researchers at the University of Xi’an Jiaotong China through 2017 to develop a camera with one pixel representing things behind the walls photography by recording the intensity of scattered light on the wall, as was established by scientists in the Laboratory of Computer Science and artificial intelligence at MIT CSAIL during the month of October system of artificial intelligence also uses the shadows to reveal whether there was someone or something behind the wall, and even estimate the distance and speed during the war.

It should be noted that the researchers did not study the system at all through the walls, but they were able to cope with the war through the wall, said researcher Antonio coral Antonio Torralba: “if you think about the system see the computer as a teacher, this system is a wonderful example of really miss the student teacher”, there is no information whether it will use the system for commercial purposes.

Artificial intelligence lets people see through walls

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