Artificial intelligence has returned to voice the radio host lost his

A technology company from Scotland thanks to artificial intelligence could bring the voice of the American journalist and radio host Jamie Dupree. Dupree has lost his ability to speak because of a rare neurological deficits. Today he could be back on the air.

Jamie Dupree is a journalist in Washington and is broadcast on local radio WSB Atlanta. In 2016, he began to lose his voice. He was diagnosed with dystonia of the muscles of the tongue. As a result of this disease people lose control of their tongues, which makes their speech almost impossible.

Dupree was forced to abandon work on the radio, but continued his career as a journalist. For two years he worked on the radio, but this month will return with a new voice, which was generated using artificial intelligence. In this he was helped by the company Cereproc.

The company has since 2006 engaged in the text. During its existence it has created a voice for the 250 people who have lost the ability to speak. In the case of Dupre, the company has processed his voice from the radio show, in order to train the neural network all the nuances and peculiarities of voice Dupre.

The product of the company Cereproc is set to the client computer, after which the customer can print whatever he wants to say, and the text will be uttered once lost voice.

It is noteworthy that the company operates with people who have never been able to speak. They can get that voice that want. In addition, the company can revive the voice of the dead famous people.

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