Artificial intelligence for document processing has already attracted millions of pounds

Eigen Technologies, the company has already received £ 13 million from its main investors – Goldman Sachs and the state investment Fund of Singapore. The idea is simple enough. They use artificial intelligence to explore the legal and financial documents that really attracts potential customers.

Eigen Technologies, established in London by Dr. Lewis Z. Liu, three and a half years ago I decided to create an artificial intelligence, based on which the company’s customers will make decisions. Today, their product aims to simplify lawyers and bankers analysis of complex contracts and being in specific positions.

Thanks to the investments the company plans to expand and enter new markets. In addition, Eigen continues to invest time and money in the development and exploration of the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Today the company has offices in London and new York, but Eigen wants to be represented throughout Europe and Asia.

Not to say that the company today has no competitors, but she claims that their technology is simpler and better. In some cases, to train their artificial intelligence requires only 30 minutes and a relatively small amount of data.

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