Artificial intelligence deals with 50% of abuses in Twitter

In the report of its recent financial earnings of the second quarter of the current year 2019 Twitter announced it has achieved significant progress in the services of artificial intelligence within the app, especially from the hand to control the offensive content, Twitter, and abusive.

According to the report, Twitter had to delete 50% of the abusive tweets and dealing with employees thanks to the artificial intelligence without receiving any communications from users and this figure is higher, with 38% of the figure that was announced with the results of the first quarter of 2019.

Adds Twitter it will make artificial intelligence a greater role in the coming days to develop a lot of algorithms that would help reduce the abuses and scandals within Twitter where you will be submitting more content to sift by the staff of the company.

Recall that the sites may know about the good financial results in the fourth quarter but below analysts ‘ expectations or at the level of the users had registered Twitter increasing number of users to 145 million users per day.


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