Artificial intelligence better, faster and in the discovery of the cancer doctors

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Achieve the artificial intelligence of great successes in the medical field, scientists predict that the techniques of artificial intelligence will cause in the progress of the healthcare sector during the next few years, where large companies in Silicon Valley to invest in this promising field in addition to a large number of startups.

Artificial intelligence techniques are more accurate than dermatologists:

Can a system of artificial intelligence-developed a research team from Germany, France, and the United States – diagnose skin cancer more accurately than dermatologists. Where it has been conducting test to compare the performance of this system -a network of neurological convolutions of deep learning (Convolutional Neural Network (CNN– and the performance of the 58 doctor dermatologist from 17 countries for the diagnosis of cancerous tumors malignant and benign.

Able to system of detection of cancer by 95% through images of cancerous tumors, benign tumors, while it was the result of a medical team the Office of the 58 physicians specializing in dermatology minutes by 87% only.

In the same vein, researchers have developed a Chinese algorithm can diagnose prostate cancer accurately, such as a pathologist. The researcher said Hong Qian Guo from Nanjing University: “this will help scientists diseases to make diagnosis better and faster, in addition to elimination of daily variation in provision that can creep into evaluations of human”.

Artificial intelligence techniques help in identifying tumors of the head and neck fast:

Researchers at the University of Houston Texas developed a program to improve the form of cancer tumors of the head and neck carefully, this has enabled the program specialists Radiation Oncology targeting cancer cells more accurately, especially in these types of cancers because tissue other vulnerable located nearby.

While scientists have developed from Yokohama in Japan software can detect colon cancer in its early stages with an accuracy of up to 86% and this precision is excellent where it is difficult to determine this type of cancer before it can become malignant tumors and deadly not to be able to cancer cells from the bloodstream, so the early detection is crucial and helps in improving the results of treatment.

Researchers are working at the Faculty of Imperial College in London with Labs, deb Maine, DeepMind Health of the company have on the development of techniques based on artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of breast cancer screening. And breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide are diagnosed with 1.6 million women infected each year in the UK alone are diagnosed with more than 150 breast cancer patients every day despite medical advances it still kills about 11 a lady in this country every year and 500 thousand in the world.

The aim of the new cooperation to access for accurate diagnosis and by understanding whether the machine learning tools can help physicians meet these challenges.

As part of this project will apply machine learning technology developed in the laboratories of DeepMind Health to 7500 X-ray of tumors non-specific identity in collaboration with the research team in the field of Health depending on artificial intelligence techniques in Google. This photo was obtained from a database OPTIMAM representative of the United Kingdom for Cancer Research in the province of Royal Surrey, where they were stripping these digital images from any information that can be used to identify patients were available for research groups all over the world for a number of years.

It is possible to join other international partners for this project in the coming months so that this research in the case of his success to activate the use of technology that will help doctors all over the world to make more accurate diagnoses, which will contribute to the early detection and rapid intervention to save the patients.

Professor Ara Darcy is the Director of the Imperial Centre for research in the UK: “this partnership represents an exploration of the exciting potential of artificial intelligence in health care”.

The researchers hope through this project is to create programs that will reduce the proportion of inappropriate diagnosis, accurate tumor, and are afraid to ask their findings later this year.

Artificial intelligence better, faster and in the discovery of cancer doctors

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