ARM to cut ties with Huawei

I told the company’s ARM – taken from the UK – based employees that we have had to suspend its work with the company Huawei, according to internal documents that got them the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Issued ARM instructions to staff to cease all the contracts of the activity, benefits, support, and any links to the info with the Huawei company and its subsidiaries is not in compliance with the situation of American business last.

Designs include ARM basis for most of the processors of mobile devices all over the world, and the company concerned of affected by the embargo imposed by the United States, said in an internal memo: if their designs contain technology of American origin, and as a result, they think they are affected by the Prohibition of the management of Trump.

The description of one of the analysts this step, if you become a long-term plan, as hit works Huawei can’t skip it, saying, ARM is the basis of chip designs phones Huawei smart, so they are an insurmountable obstacle for the Chinese company, and greatly affect their ability to develop the chip by the.

Adopts Huawei’s on the ARM in the design of the chip architecture to address its named Kirin, and paid for her license, and without licenses, it will not be possible for Huawei and its HiSilicon Semiconductor to continue to manufacture processors Kirin using the design of the ARM.

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And Middle ARM – taken from the Cambridge headquarters – as the biggest technology company in the United Kingdom, until it was acquired by a group SoftBank Japan and SoftBank Group, the company employs 6,000 workers, and has eight offices in the United States.

And raised a company of ARM to design chips in 1990, and acquired by a group SoftBank SoftBank Group telecom giant of Japan in the month of September 2016, but its headquarters is still in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Recall that the company does not manufacture the processors themselves, but rather license technology semiconductors for others, and manufacturers in some cases a license for the Republic only, which determine how to address the processors of orders, which gives the makers of the chip have greater freedom to customize their designs.

While manufacturers have, in other cases the designs the core processors, which describe how to arrange the transistors of the chip, but there is still a need to integrate these designs with other elements – such as memory, radios – to create what is referred to as a system on chip.

The company advised its employees to send a note to inform the staff of Huawei’s relevant that – because of the American decision – is no longer allowed to provide support or technical – whether it is software or code or other updates – or participate in the discussion of technical matters with Huawei, or any of the other entities.

It seems that the ban also applies to the company, ARM China, which was established in China to enable the ARM to develop, sell and support their products in the region, and has the ARM Holdings share of 49 percent.

While enjoying HiSilicon Huawei freely continue to use and manufacture the chips existing, the ban means they will not be able to resort to the company designed the chip to help in the development of the hardware components in the future.

ARM تقطع علاقاتها مع هواويARM to cut ties with Huawei

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