ARM processors of the future may come with SIM cards built-

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During the design of smart phones, what we’ve noticed is how tend smartphone manufacturers to try to achieve a balance between the number of features, The size of the battery, The number of new sensors, and also try to keep the phone slim and light as possible. Over the years we have seen this achieved by removing some of the components such since fish, and reducing the size of SIM cards, etc.

But in the future it seems that the phones may not need to use the SIM cards in the actual POST because it can be built-in the phone itself, or at least that’s what hopes ARM to achieve. The company announced the ARM recently from the new technologies can make processors based on the architecture ARM in the future come with a SIM card embedded, that means that the SIM card slot in our phones can be used for something else or completely removed.

As explained the company ARM, it is not just limited to smart phones because it can also apply to devices that are not portable, which use processors based on the architecture ARM. It can also be used in the devices of the Internet of things Internet Of Things where he will have the built-in SIM card to become more connected than ever. And mentioned that, there are already some devices that use similar technology.

This includes tablet and iPad supporting cellular networks, and the smart Apple Watch Series 3 LTE that comes with an integrated SIM card. Also, given that many of the processors used by the mobile devices based on the architecture ARM, we wouldn’t be surprised if she came to more mobile devices in the future with SIM cards built-in.


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