ARM announces 4 new segments featured the performance of the highest efficiency

The company announced the ARM 4 of the new designs in the slideshow come perform the top of the market, with improvements in the user experience in the technique of artificial intelligence, and rapid response, with the performance of higher, more efficient, and improvements in user experience in games.

Come slices the ARM of the new array of improvements that include a lot of features to support better performance in the user experience, with the support of the highest quality images and clarity.

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The exposed ARM at the beginning of the announcement of the two segments of neural processing NPU that come as part of the production line the company Ethos NPU, where the company released the first Ethos-N77 in the first half of 2019, and today the company disclosed all of the Ethos-N57, and Ethos-N37, which is targeting the market of phones available.

It is planned to provide technical Ethos-N57, and Ethos-N37 new performance faster in the dialogue processes, with a longer battery life with integrated memory, and promote better standards of protection, to support these new features perform better in response to the digital assistant, with translation support in real-time, protecting confidential data better, I have indicated the ARM to be sliced NPU new will be the performance of 200% in improved techniques.

From the other side of the uncovered ARM for the Realtek screen Mali-G57 who comes to perform the best 1.3 times with the architectural Valhall, compared to the previous version Mali-G52 which is based on the architecture of Bifrost previous.

Emphasizes ARM to design a card screen new will save energy consumption by 30%, it also comes with improvements in performance by 60% in applications of machine learning, as indicated by the ARM to Mali-G57 will pay the fees and the highest resolution in portable devices, will also support augmented reality and virtual reality more efficiently.

Also expected to support the design of the card screen enabled display resolution 4K and 8K in a wider range of TVs possible with the level of pricing good.

As stated the declaration of ARM’s latest processor Mali-D37, which is designed for low-cost companies, which supports this category at a higher level in the display with a 2K, with the provision of energy consumption in the system by 30%.


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