Arlo launches Bell smart camera built to record video at a price of $ 150 almost

Apply Bell Arlo Video Doorbell smartphone today to get the best support to users through a surveillance camera built-in Bell-smart, which offers complete visibility to the scope of the largest outside the door.

Revealed Arlo about Bell Arlo Video Doorbell smartphone that offers new features for users, which supports the detection of full visibility outside the doors of the house and transmitted to the smartphone via Wi-Fi network when you press the bell directly.

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The bell Arlo Video Doorbell intelligent reply to the other party by selecting one of the messages recorded in advance, as it refers one to ” leave the package in front of the door”, while the letter refers to other “wait until that door is opened”, and you can also start a voice conversation between the other party and the user.

Also comes Bell Arlo Video Doorbell alarm Compact is activated automatically when you try to output the bell from the wall, is also working on launching voice alert to warn about yet.

Supports Bell video recording accurately 1536 1536 strictly HDR, with support for night vision, digital zoom up to 12 times, with a sensor to detect motion with logs and alerts.

It is estimated that the expected Bell-Arlo Video Doorbell is priced at $ 150, it also comes by a pilot to serve the recordings for up to 30 days, which comes to the involvement of a monthly $ 3 after the free offer for 3 months.


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