Are you using my Huawei design P20 Lite iPhone X?

The company intends to Chinese giant Huawei to establish a special event in the 23rd day of March next, despite the fact that the company will not be in the MWC, which we see a lot of his phones cause in the current time they did not climb also from the registry. Indeed, we know that the company is equipped for P20, which will create a P10, which will be the first phone in the world with three cameras at the back, which will also come with an alternative of two P20 Lite وP20 Pro on approach P10 وP10 Pro.

Now we have more, it seems that the company will be also on P20 Lite alternative cheapest phones new series, such as P10 Lite, and fortunately we have more details about the phone that looks like it was inspired by some elements of the iPhone X, Phone Apple last released last November.

It seems that the phone is Huawei if your leaks may take the same form as the belt in the screen from the top that own phone iPhone last, and with a front camera. Also the design of the rear camera seems to be inspired from the same phone where it was placed number two vertically such as phone, Apple TV.

On another side seems to be the phone that will have full screen will not be a dimensions by 18:9, But 19:9 According to what was published. At the same time, the design of the screen to the right which made it difficult to determine the diameter accurately, but it seems it will be between 5.7 inches to 6 inches.

Revealed leaks also about having the entrance to the earphones 3.5 Mili meter in the phone, and USB port-C. also revealed the presence of that fingerprint, but more circular and not square shaped as in the P10 Lite phone Arena. To confirm these information and wait for the official unveiling of the Huawei that is coming on March 26 and perhaps brings three new handsets with your details.

This theme is using my Huawei design P20 Lite iPhone X? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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