Are you starting to Apple’s complete control of the world?

Always Apple has been known as critical for the organs they feel is king even though I bought you the device. Prevent week but was stopped warranty does not… procedures to prevent third party accessories are supported MFi and rumors and review the fencing of speed. But in recent years the weakness of this significantly we see extensions miss your Apple we know everything about the company before weeks and sometimes months and years. But in recent months began a series of news suggest that Apple started the war anti-everyone and they want to impose their full control.

An important clarification

In this article we don’t say or tell something; no, we have sources of secret information leakage and the decisions of Apple… all what we’ll do in this article is to collect news, scattered here and there and copy them together to get you download and think you are already trying to re-control or is it just purely coincidental. If you don’t believe any News reported sources mentioned the end of the article.

Control gear

At the Apple conference last year to detect iPhone 8/8+/X the company said that these devices support rapid charging using chargers Mac with cable of Apple original C To Lightning A to everyone’s surprise, two things:

Author: you got to get a cable Apple original Apple that its price is 25$ and that the cables Apple original very weak and quick, so wait for a lot of people that believe companies MFi cables of this type but did not happen. There is news that Apple decided to ban the license of these companies to the production of the cable. This deprived us of the cable of superior quality; but Apple didn’t write this, it enables Chinese companies from the production of cables C To Lightning with the capability of rapid charging and already gained huge popularity in the Amazon the private that the price was$ 10 for the cable Apple is the 25$ but I ordered the Apple team to report a bad surprise for these companies is that the update of iOS 11.3 to make the iPhone gives fast charging using this cable. Maybe the Chinese can cable Fast Shipping New but soon will be covered by Apple will provide the money you paid. Thus, the company has monopolized the Apple completely shipping is fast even now. Strange that Apple last month allowed companies to MFi manufactures cable Lightning to 3.5 mm and USB as well as C To 3.5 mm and there is no news for C To Lightning.

Apple says for you “do you want fast charging you need to buy the cable only Apple!”

Shipper: Apple decided to use the technique of PD for the fast shipping but decided to use criteria different from that used in the phones; I decided to be charging 14V/1.2 A and not as you say other companies on top of Google by using speed charging 5V/3A و9V/2A. So you have to buy the charger of the Mac and not just a phone charger which doubled the price required to be paid.

Car maintenance

A lot of when it comes to your draft and any part of it goes to maintenance center, which is mostly not supported from Apple either because the cost of maintenance has Apple too high or there is no Foundation accredited centers close. But Apple has a different opinion and wants you to go to the maintenance center, otherwise it won’t return your device to work as it was. Two years ago appeared a problem called “Error 53” is the error message appeared to users that the drafters of the screen button in the non-centers Apple the treaty. And this message in the shutdown property of the fingerprint in the iPhone, reports said at the time that Apple did this to protect us “we don’t know how, but that’s what it said”… and passed it, but the past weeks I started a strange problem to emerge. People who know they meet the screen and exchanged it for centers outside the Apple. After the return of the device to work they were surprised with Sensor Light is not working any you if you format your device screen centers outside the Apple will continue to be one of the advantages of work as punishment for you. There is even reports said that the mission faced a problem that touch the same stop. Is strange to pay one of the famous sites to experience a they get 2 iPhone have of the same style and they said to unzip the screen and exchange between the two devices. And also they were surprised that the calculation of the light stopped working!!! Very weird isn’t it. But it’s not weirder than what happened with “pleuger” famous

The Acer famous “Linus Sebastian” the owner of the channel Linus Tech Tips which is one of the months of the channel on YouTube specialized in the technical deployment of video demonstrates that he accidentally broke the screen of the iMac Pro own informed Apple that he will not be drafting his computer and repair the screen even with his consent to pay for a new screen. Which drew my attention to the first employee of Apple told him that if he did unzip his device outside of Apple, it loses its potential to provide Apple maintenance device. Can you believe this? The person did not request a guarantee of free maintenance but required maintenance driven and Apple rejected it. Yeah later in the video explained to Linda that the reason for the change is that Apple doesn’t have screens and repair Docking the Mac Pro the most expensive Apple devices. But back to the important is that you answer if you open your device outside of Apple.

The car against the registration of technical

This is not a defect but an advantage from my point of view and criticized; and the secrecy required during the preparation for a particular product; indeed this is what happened where I sent Apple a message to staff telling them it’s leaking any private information of any thing done by Apple you will be subjected to legal accountability which up to prison and fines mass, which will of course repay her. Not only the apple of the threat but explained that they caught already on the 13 people who leaked information last year for hunting and trial. Apple wants to stop the torrent of leaks in any form, and now you want the employee to think; is it worth a leak that there’s a phone a certain size to go to jail!

Even photography is forbidden

Dozens of videos we see the headquarters of Apple and how they look, but one of the most famous persons who export Apple headquarters periodically reported last week that Apple began warning of flight near its headquarters but said according to the contract with security companies specializing in aircraft control, Autonomous Drone and can stop it at any time. Resolution if really natural for Apple, but it’s a little weird because in the end he shot the shape of the building and the truth, and he can’t borrow from the earth to photograph the staff and what they do. Apple doesn’t want you even to imagine the shape of the building and the garden.

And money lobby

It is known that companies are spending money in order to establish pressure groups “lobby” the government and the procedure my doctor stated there is nothing wrong with the law. The Apple implementation of the $ 4 million in 2014 and increased the amount a little for about 4.5 billion years 2015-2016, but in 2017 the amount increased dramatically to over $ 7 billion. Reports said that the basic point that spent Apple money where immigrants where you want the Apple to prevent any restrictions on them because a huge number of non-Americans. The second point is encryption. Apple want to resist government efforts to intervene in the work of the companies and because Trump wants to increase the influence of the state, so the Apple is the other increase of funds to combat it.

By the way, every company spend money in areas of interest to them, for example, Amazon spent more than $ 12 million and focuses it on the laws of the aircraft “Drone” for the use in Shipping of the goods. Google spent $ 18 million focused on laws to private cars, self-driving things, especially youtube.

One last word

What is mentioned in this article is some news, just not all of them. Maybe he knows the news can be unnoticed to cite in the margin, but we with the repetition of this news we returned months and collect it together. There is more news but we want you to tell us your opinion about this news and are the steps of the plan real, or just a coincidence only.

What do you think about in the steps of Apple? Do you think that there is a plan to control the world of apple, or is it just a coincidence? Join us your opinion in the comments


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