Are you saying Apple merge iOS and Mac what’s in for users?

The idea is to talk about it for years, and then disappear until you come back again to appear in the statements of the officials of the Apple TV and in the media. We’re talking about incorporating iOS devices Apple TV Portable System with Mac computers, so let’s talk in more detail about that idea and latest developments about them.

هل تقوم آبل بدمج نظامي iOS و Mac ؟

Are you saying Apple merge iOS and Mac?

iOS and Mac .. the similarity and the difference!

The iOS system is a custom operating system for Apple’s mobile (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and is considered the second most popular operating system laptop in the world, after Android, and has been designed to work by responding to multiple across the screen.

The Mac is the operating system on the within computers have Apple TV both computers and portable devices such as MacBook correct various or desktop computers like their iMac.

iOS و Mac .. التشابه و الاختلاف!

iOS and Mac .. the similarity and the difference!

It may seem systems different strongly and each of them is designed for particular and perform different functions, but, in fact, that the two systems are alike strongly because they depend on the same Technology, and there are a lot of similarities in the code and the environment of the software applications in the two systems is almost the same.

What does it mean to merge iOS and Mac?

Means integrate the two systems with the production of a single operating system to work on mobile devices and computers with in a move similar to what Microsoft has done with Windows currently available for tablets and computers with.

Is the merger between the two systems possible?!

From a technical standpoint, Yes this is possible due to the great similarity between both, but practically it is difficult because computers vary so much in terms of gear and skill that play on mobile devices, Add to that the consolidation of the system on the Apple devices implies the unification of the usage experience and hence will make the devices more similar to each other than to kill the competition between those devices and reduces the chances of purchase.

هل الدمج بين النظامين ممكن ؟!

Is the merger between the two systems possible?!

Apple TV .. not enthusiastic about the idea!

Doesn’t look like Apple is interested in the idea a lot, and it is evident in the statements “Tim Cook” CEO of Apple when asked repeatedly about it, as it, according to “the cook” it is believed that this is not something users want and that Apple can’t do this step without making concessions!

Whatever it is, although Apple devices and portable organs of the computer separate but Apple is always seeking training and bridging the gap between them, and the last of these attempts what is leaked now, according to Bloomberg about the intention of Apple to allow developers to create apps that can work on iOS and the Mac at once, and that may be soon with the announcement of iOS 12.

Do you think that the idea of merging iOS and Mac good?

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