Are you looking for an alternative for the Huawei after the ban? Here is a list of proposals to other companies in all categories

هل تبحث عن بديل لهاتف هواوي بعد الحظر؟ إليك قائمة مقترحة لشركات أخرى في جميع الفئات

After the decision of the U.S. embargo faced by Huawei with a number of Chinese companies and talk with a prevent their use to the Android system, the A lot of authorized users on the operating system are starting to wonder about the future. But the truth is, despite the fact that Huawei offers the featured products in all categories making it the second largest company in the world in the council, except that there are a lot of options available in the market in all categories among well-known companies and unknown much users can control no more shopping with the operating system without the need to worry, which depicts the house the hair of Prophet “the misfortunes of the Horde when the Horde benefits.”

Now, the question is what are the alternatives better phones Huawei? In this report we use 17 different brands offer phones in all categories and used the Android system in the running of a lot of companies in the Egyptian market, primarily away from the rest of the markets, here’s the details:

  • Samsung

Can not do without the availability of this name in the beginning especially it the company’s best-selling smartphones in the world and considers it to be Huawei is the challenge, maybe it was the prices of phones and the company slightly raised for years for other companies with manufacturing quality is high, but Samsung have to re-structure lines produced to provide several phones at lower prices in particular category average and the least of them, such as the M series and a series A on cleaned, next to the phones leading, Of course, which contains the best technology when launched.

  • Shawty

Shao is as the following everyone’s talking about Huawei and Chinese phones, but it is not as by the hand of the embargo due to non-imposition of penalties on them as well as provided a special shop or community applications exhibit a lot of plugins unlike other companies, means not being influenced too much Apps Google. But the important thing is that the company offers a variety of choices is very between phones are the leading medium and low priced a lot less than its competitors which makes it a top choice for tens of millions of people who are looking for techniques to many at a lower price.

Other Chinese company but its not affected are other ink because of the ban in a nutshell is centered primarily on Huawei application techniques of the fifth generation and the phones. And Obo many good options at most affordable prices to many of them, also provides various techniques, particularly around the screen and camera, what makes their products a good alternative to the phones of Huawei.

Another Chinese firm, but maybe I didn’t have to spread as big as their counterparts, but they offer many options for phones from the economic category and leading which comes with new ideas, especially talking about the cameras pop-up and insight within the screen and is the first of added, those techniques, and in phones, Vivo also is designed to Assembly in all categories.

  • Lenovo

Lenovo, which is headquartered in Hong Kong is the other offering many options for users, but at the same time focusing on the phones of the economy unlike the rest of the other companies, and the larger on tablet devices a small and medium and what not makes it an option for those looking to organs of large size special prices.

  • Motorola

This brand has been known for a long time owned by the company prior to Lenovo, they provide different phone design and features compared to of the parent company and the prices of disparate users, but of course offer him a “special character” which distinguishes it from other companies thanks to the nature of the attachments that come with the devices and MOTO Modz which helps in converting a number from phones to speakers or projector for example.

  • Nokia

As was the case with Motorola, the Nokia began to come back to put the important steps in the market of smart phones and many phones category is expected, but at the same time could provide a phone Pure View is a camera actress in cooperation with the Zeiss is what makes her a strong contender for the big companies speaking of camera quality and technologies. The company is distinguished from other quickly the updates arrive as they provide the Android “Ore” on the phones as was the case with the developer of the operating system Google.

The main company which owns the control of the Android system, is a other advanced smart phones featured especially Camera its priced lower than competitors in the categories of leading, but its recently launched new versions of its phones with less while maintaining the quality of the camera at a low price in affordable.

Offer mezzo ” MEIZU” China and many other options at affordable prices but they do not have a large spread in the Arab market of the Asian, compared with the large spread in the Arab market to the African, which helps the company access a larger number of users of different categories.

The last Chinese companies to create, but at the same time trying to quickly enter the competition in the smartphone market, the company launched in 2018 launched many phones with a sleek design with the advantages of distinctive. As they reached the fast travel in the region, especially in Egypt.

This Taiwanese company offers “a great diversity” of users in technical products, but we’re here to talk about the smartphones which are already available through the techniques distinct to the different categories with a series Zenfone categories different which ranges from 50$-60$ and more depending on the specifications, is what makes them the most appropriate options for the Arab audience in many countries.

French brand which always lived in the shadow of the big companies offer are many other options available low users and affordable, but their popularity is weak in the Arab world compared with other companies, but it recently has become offering the advantages of help in placing them in appropriate choices of phones available.

Company phones from Hong Kong and other well-known probably to most users in the Arab region Asian unlike apartments African, so being the same company focusing on the African markets that find its best to compete with the low prices compared to rival companies such as Samsung and Huawei share in the markets of the Gulf, for example.

Are not the other company from Hong Kong with a focus on the states of the South Asian and African countries which find it most suitable for their particular they offer phones at economical prices with the advantages of low to medium, means that the work most appropriate to the state of the economy flowing.

This company offers options for a number of phones at affordable prices, which means that most people can get it with ease, and, of course, as was the case with the company’s previous two, it focuses in its work on the African market and the great in Egypt next to the work in the Indian market as far from African.

A French company probably best known for its with the beginning of the emergence of the Android operating system was the largest producer of phones after Samsung at that time (2012-2013), but they now live in the shadow of the big companies even though they offer many options, no SIM options are represented in the phones with the possibilities of the medium at the most economical prices making it available for the bulk of the audience, is currently of the many companies that launch their products in Egypt and African countries to expand its work it has recently launched phones with high potential after a long wait enjoy the stylish design and the camera Three steps.

The only Arab Company on the list, a company headquartered in Dubai and is developing the production of smart phones, economic, and relies in most of its operations on the Egyptian market, which makes the phones accessible to thousands of ordinary users who are looking for phones for daily use and mysticism.

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