Are you expecting a slice of Apple and slide default to an iPhone?

Years ago There is a security have millions of fan of the iPhone to provide Apple copy iPhone Dual SIM; we have seen a lot of accessories to come to this. Recently a lot of rumors said that the 6.1-inch LCD screen which is cheapest and the price will come Dual SIM. Good news if it happens but as a person interested in Apple news since 10 years I see this very strange, but sources that talk about this great and credible is behind the rumors. Would be a slice of apple or a default segment is the answer magic?

هل تنتقل شريحة أبل والشريحة الافتراضية إلى الآي فون؟

Why did you come Apple a couple of slices?

Years ago, a lot of big companies offer phones Dual SIM but Apple reject it completely. There are many reasons but the main reason is that the slide is a nuisance for companies. You have to put the slide in the character of the device and thus put the electronic parts that you read the slide next to the place entered. What if the design team and engineers Want This place to provide a particular feature? You here find another place or be cancelled because it doesn’t fit on the slide. Now imagine you want to put 2 slice of any increase of space is wasted.

So Apple come to slide since ancient times; perhaps don’t know a lot of traders that the Apple was from the behind the bar design of Nano “Nano” communication that we currently use. Yeah, lost as we can slide the Micro in mid-2012 was selected to design Apple’s proposed Buy of smaller size is to be the standard slices contact “was the occasion Apple is trying to Nokia-Motorola” this shows us that Apple is keenly interested in chip communication.

You slide the default solution?

In hours Apple second-generation Apple made virtual slide “already Apple and Samsung in its smart Gear S2 3G”. Default segment means that there is no bar you have in the past but connect to phones. Perhaps this is the magic solution to the future of an iPhone; putting Apple’s slice of the real, as is the case now and you get an extra slice of virtual you can program it from within the iPhone itself. This solution is ideal because it means that Apple is using the same design as the current does not need to occupy a new place. The following is a picture illustrating the size of the segments of the contact compared with the electronic chip that works as a connection to the virtual e-SIM

But live that the solution is to slice the Apple this new suffer from the problem that they require special support from telecom companies and even the moment work only in 17 States. And even those 17 states do not support all telecom companies which find their support network, one in France, one in Germany and one in England, and so on. And, of course, unreasonable to offer Apple advantage bar connection and actually can’t over half of Apple customers. Default slide example by the way work in China in some cities even. This means that if you are in a supported country and in a supported network, it doesn’t mean that works with you everywhere.

What about a Apple?

Maybe the solution is to put the Apple slice by a built-in iPhone. And anyone who doesn’t know what slice of the Apple SIM in the month of October 2014 Apple announced the iPad Air 2 and the time announced for the provision of partner contacts from Apple itself. The idea of the slide this is not the list that the Apple will provide you with the phone network but it’s a programmable. For contracts in the countries of the world with telecommunications companies to provide service to its customers. Any country you go to or even without going to any country you can go to Settings iPad theme by the slide, and then choose the company contacts that you want to work out and plan and pay for the Apple. That way you don’t need to change the slide. And slice the Apple more than 180 countries around the world this means that they are a magic solution.

Of course it would be the commentary is that this means that Apple itself Put a second chip; but that’s not my point, but to say Apple is providing the chip built-in inside the iPhone and are Is this set by Apple in any place even if the bottom of the battery. If you want to get additional SIM for your phone you sign up with Apple. Imagine how much revenue and additional options that will be included.

The bottom line

All this article is just imagine the shape of the method can be applied by Apple to add a 2 bar connection in the iPhone without the need to modify the design or the formation of the burden of the additional on the iPhone. And by the way there are many obstacles against putting an extra slice so that the slice again, do you mean drain the battery more like. But we imagine together a different form, we may find the Apple releases the same iPhone Single SIM or provide 2 reduce suppliers especially that the iPhone will be a large-screen 6.1 inch, this means a large area can be used by Apple in the provision of tranches and large battery and everything without a problem.

Do you expect to offer Apple SIM in the iPhone killer? And will Apple’s traditional format or using special techniques such as the default segment or a slice of Apple? Tell us your opinion in the comments

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