Are you draining the iOS update 11.4 battery iPhone?!

When all our attention focused now on the iOS update 12 and its features new, back problem caused by the update to the current iOS 11.4 where he bought a lot of users of the fast drain battery after update to iOS 11.4, and is Pat certified and is available with all new update for the Apple TV!

هل يستنزف تحديث iOS 11.4 بطارية الآيفون؟!

Are you draining the iOS update 11.4 battery iPhone?!

Been monitoring the problem extensively on the middle of Apple’s official technical support where the number of comments posted by users regarding the performance of the battery sucks after the update to iOS 11.4 about more than 1300 comments all confirmed the injury to their problem.

The diversity of the complaints of users and the frequency of the many expressions of dissatisfaction about the battery performance after the update without that there would be a clear justification. And still the ghost of scandal delay on the phones to the iPhone because the battery is on the horizon and if Apple had solved the problem already with the update to iOS 11.3 the former, or so it seemed!

According to the complaints through the middle of the Apple official, the battery after the update experienced drain rapidly even with the lack of use of the iPhone. Someone complained of a decrease battery life by half, and another claimed that the battery lost 60% of its energy during the night when you lose his phone in the morning.

Note that most of the complaints were about the phones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, also an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus and iPhone X was present to a lesser degree, in addition to your iPad Mini 4.

There is no official response from Apple so far about the problem and its causes, and the suggested that the problem in touch phones Hawaii and that the solution lies in disabling contact alia a certain length, others were more specifically they stated that the problem arises when you connect to the same WiFi frequency to 5GHz while connect to the network frequency of 2.4 GHz and does not cause any problems to the battery.

Generally remain all assumptions and speculation stemming from personal experiences may benefit you if you suffer from the same problem, and there may be other dimensions we don’t know will the Apple TV with the iOS update 11.4.1 coming soon, while we hope and wait ourselves that this is all over, chronic headaches and constant specialization in the updates with the iOS update 12 and N fulfill Apple’s promise to provide the experience of using the more stable and faster performance.

Have you noticed any change in battery performance after the update to iOS 11.4’s?! Tell us via comments!

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