Are you any closer to the end of the IP-the iTunes store is?

The back of the IP-the iTunes store for the first time on the ninth of January 2001, i.e. before the iPhone,-iPad-iPod. But this is not the beginning of the IP-iTunes the actual! It started with the music player SoundJam MP that was released in 1998 and it is compatible with Mac OS. Has acquired the Apple on him and his team after two years of the issuance of the said developed and renamed to IP-iTunes. As is well known that the IP-iTunes Free Application from Apple found basically to play music and video on computers, just like any media player. And then on the e-store and the possibility to sync files with three devices from Apple, namely the iPod, iPhone and iPad. During its long history selling Apple through his music, movies, podcasts and old was Apps iPhone / iPad. Is still IP-iTunes is popular or that it started in Meridian and on Apple to provide alternatives to more productivity?

هل اقتربت نهاية الآي-تيونز؟

Was iTunes in one day is very popular, we used it heavily both in download apps or sync and save it on the computer that is the backup, update and restore the iPhone.

If you decline an-iTunes is?

Fell popular walleye-iTunes in the past few years for several reasons, including:

◉ In the beginning Apple focused on music services and then introduced other services such as TV Shows, Movies, boat, etc. All that was filler in the program was just a program to play music on computers. It was possible for Apple to provide other apps a separate, more professional display those other services instead of user confusion amidst the chaos.

◉ If you updated your iPhone, your old you use the IP-iTunes setup iPhone New. Now iPhone New provides the option to restore from an old iPhone. So you don’t need to IP-iTunes.

◉ Apple has removed the application management in 2017 whether the transfers or remove the installation or even make a backup copy of those applications on computers are not encrypted, so we no longer need to manage our applications.

◉ For to the main goal now of the use of IP-iTunes it music services, as well as movies and TV shows, it can be purchased directly on the hardware without the need to IP-iTunes.

◉ Also, since the backup via IP-iTunes store may notice something a bit frustrating, it ran out of space on the hard disk in a way that is reasonable. I have noticed the presence of more than a backup for my phone on the computer I don’t know why! So I decided not to backup on the computer, and just import the photos and videos in a private folder, take a backup of names and notes to iCloud, there are options so the IP-iTunes no options for backup.

◉ Possible to dispense with an-iTunes for backup and the use of IP-Cloud and buy storage capacities.

Application that will replace an-iTunes

Including that IP-iTunes has become too complex, the work Apple to offer alternatives independently, such as special application for music, apps for the podcast, apply to college; apply for Apple, a custom application to communicate with the iPhone. This was announced by one of the developers, that iTunes will not complete its third ten. And Apple is about to transmit it to the issuance of other alternatives to replace and not an alternative one.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith one of the most famous developers who made discoveries prior and amazing products for Apple before the release, it is the first found icon iPhone X in one of the updates to the operating system. A few weeks later confirmed that information. This developer that he found evidence of three new apps think it will replace the IP-iTunes Store, Apple was going to announced at its annual developer conference. Will those applications what does application of the I-iTunes. It is believed that these applications would be the music boat and the books and-iPhone. It is likely to keep Apple IP-iTunes for other uses.

Do you see that the end of the IP-iTunes have borrowed already? And do you still use it? Tell us in the comments.


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