Are you affected by the battery performance after updating to iOS 12.1 to?

When issuing any new update users have a premonition of battery drain, which is logical since it is not acceptable that the user gets the advantages of the new at the expense of the battery life of his device, what is the case if with update iOS 12.1 last? Where we have received several complaints about him through the comments of the visitors.

هل تأثر أداء البطارية بعد تحديث iOS 12.1 ؟
Are you affected by the battery performance after updating to iOS 12.1 to?

iOS 12.1 is an update to a branch of a large Apple by solving some of the problems that appeared with the launch of the iOS update 12 initially in addition to providing some new features, and did not mention Apple in the update log to anything about the battery.

Channel iAppleBytes on YouTube who has tested the battery performance before and after the update to iOS 12.1 using the application GeekBench 4 which performs extensive testing on the battery to measure the rate of depletion of the age. The test results are not necessarily realistic, but it allows us the comparison before and after the update for the same device as well as comparison to other devices.

هواتف الآيفون التي أجري عليها اختبار البطارية
Phones the iPhone, which was test the battery

Battery performance before the update to iOS 12.1

The previous update was iOS 12.0.1 has been tested 5 iPhone: for iPhone 8 / 7 / 5S / 6 / 6S, the results came as shown in the picture.

أداء البطارية على تحديث iOS 12.0.1 ( قبل تحديث iOS 12.1 )
Battery performance on iOS update 12.0.1 ( before update iOS 12.1 )

Battery performance after the update to iOS 12.1

After download and install the iOS update 12.1 on the previous phones were repeating the test, the results came as follows:

أداء البطارية بعد التحديث إلى iOS 12.1
Battery performance after the update to iOS 12.1

Final conclusion

Note from previous results that the difference in battery life increased or decreased a very slight and almost not noticeable, and we only have a few minutes, which means that battery performance was not affected positively or negatively by the update, and if you notice the drain performance of the battery may be a result of other causes.

Have you noticed any change in battery performance after the update to iOS 12.1 to?

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