Are the platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. But so far purely nominal

Just ended the event Qualcomm in which the company almost two hours talking about the beautiful 5G.

Even talked about this with representatives from Verizon, AT&T, maybe someone else, I quickly lost the thread. However, by the end of the event Qualcomm is still paid attention to why there were all gathered. She introduced Snapdragon SoC 855.

Yes, that’s 855 Snapdragon processor, not Snapdragon 8150, as said the all the latest rumors. I think for the better, after all, more familiar and more comfortable.

So, Snapdragon 855. It was presented… in fact, that’s all. Well, almost. Today did not disclose any technical parameters, only gave a couple of slides and walked through the tops. For example, on one of the slides shows that Qualcomm promises at least a two-fold advantage of its new products over the competition in dealing with AI. If you believe the recently leaked to the Network data, it is close to the truth, but tests of the NPU units of the same thing, everything is not so simple.

Also talked about ultrasonic poekranno the fingerprint scanner. If I understand correctly, Snapdragon 855 will get hardware support for this decision. Still satinelle some whether the technology, or the function of Elite Gaming, but nothing about it is not told. All the rest tomorrow.

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