Are the phones Apple upcoming New just update to iPhone and X from last year?

Use Apple company to reveal three new phones controversial this year, since months we are talking to you about the leaks and those were the days new data, and now we’re in front of a new report from Bloomberg reveals the final details about these devices is quite puzzling.

Will adopt the devices EVO three new design of edge-to-edge with the feature of face recognition Face ID instead of touch ID, and will use all the interface of the new development introduced by Apple with the iPhone X.

There will be iPhone 6.1 inches with the LCD price cheaper than the rest, is faith the only of the trio who will have one camera on the back. After that, there will be a Khalifa iPhone X that will improvements to performance and camera, which is seen mostly as the upgraded S-style last year.

And finally, will Apple also model iPhone Plus possible associated with the OLED display compared to the 6.5-inch specifications. Download the three models the following names in the Apple: N84 (model LCD), D32 (heir X) and D33 (model Plus).

What is interesting in this report is another confirmation that we are going to sale more diverse with the models this year, which means you won’t be limited to phones with a price tag of $ 1000 only, but is likely to have more options at affordable prices and distinct

Most interesting of these models, the three new is a iPhone new outstanding “plus”, which is D33. With screen of 6.5 inches, this will be the larger phone the iPhone at all, will have on the structure of glass and metal such as X. The new thing is that it will be able to use the pop-up screen with more apps.

Until now I didn’t challenge Apple names final to its new

All wait the official announcement for new in September, i.e. next month, but until now according to reports, the American company did not specify the names of the final to its new after.

Used Apple internal symbol S in reference to the new phones, like the Update for the EVO X last year, the iPhone Xs successor, EVO X, and iPhone plus model is larger, and the EVO LCD has not been called yet, although he knows now baev 9 .

Is it worth it to choose New Names, or the Apple TV deals with phones this year, they just update the EVO X?

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