Are the headphones USB-C the perfect choice in heaven now?

Choose the current versions of the sky between the wireless headsets or headphones traditional 3.5 mm, or USB-C, which began to spread to conform with the new standards for the ports to smart phones or devices, but is USB-C the best choices available for users now?.

USB-C headphones

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Form the quality of the voice of the main criteria in measuring the efficiency performance headphones in general, so to make the best choice for the user now between the wireless headsets or headsets that support the 3.5 mm jack or new versions of the headphones and USB C you must specify the category that offer the best efficiency standards in phonics at the beginning.

The facilities performance Earphones USB C often with headphones 3.5 mm, where comes the major difference in the marked USB-C to produce digital signals, unlike the earphones of 3.5 mm, which support the signals to analog, so it must be converting the digital signal produced by the smart phones and devices to signals analog can be read from the headphones is 3.5 mm.

Only be expected to provide all of 3.5 mm earphones and also Earphones USB C the same performance almost without losing the sky be sure with the quality in acoustics, and is one of the important characteristics of the broadcast services that support the choice of Hi-Fi in the broadcast, while the headset comes with USB C particularly with sound production processes to the highest quality without losing the reference in acoustics.

From another side come streaming services like Spotify and the Apple Music with lower frequencies in the total volume of music files in special promotions which does not allow its users often, to support the production of the same quality when playing music via any kind of fish between wireless, 3.5 mm or USB C.

Also when compared to a wireless headset or headphones Bluetooth speakers USB C the last excels heavily on wireless headsets, however, that Bluetooth headsets also supports digital signals only that the signals are compressed in the beginning before up to the heavens so don’t come around very often.

Supports the streaming service Apple Music rate of 256 kilobits per second, while supporting service Spotify rate of 320 kilobits per second, and when compared to the speakers advanced wireless they reach a rate of 990 kilobits per second in some cases, however, wireless headsets are the first choice in the service of Broadcast Music in general, they prefer a lot of users of heaven that comes without wires to experience the best in use.

USB-C headphones and wireless

Devices that support the headset and USB C

Can see the USB C that supports the headphones, speaker or amplifier for audio and also convert audio data via USB port C, also supports the converter DAC which operates to convert signals from digital to analog also, while it’s still a lot of smart phones support the criteria for a separate 3.5 mm headphone until now, which requires disabling software USB C in the phone to support Bluetooth headsets or headphones 3.5 mm.

It is planned to support USB ports C in the Bluetooth headsets shipping and phonetics also, but some fish such as WH1000XM3s of Sony headphones Surface from Microsoft using the USB port C to the company only.

In the end, change a lot of phone manufacturers standards suitable phones to USB C cancel port 3.5 mm, pays a lot of users to choose headphones USB C a particular category that you prefer the sky is possible by wire, so the demand for this category of headphones recently, however, that the services of Broadcast Music in general will pay the user the same level of quality in music playback even with a difference of Heaven is used between the wireless headsets or headphones that come with wire.


I know of

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