Archinaut robot system that can build satellites and industrial space

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Archinaut نظام روبوتي يمكنه بناء الأقمار والسفن الصناعية في الفضاء

Declared the founders of the company field if MySpace Made in Space they are developing system to meet Archinaut a device orbiting in space dedicated for the manufacture of heavy equipment including satellite full and space and assembled in space using a robot, as emphasized by the founders of the Company if three-dimensional printing will be the main key to space colonization.

Consists Archinaut of the three-dimensional printer, cartridges filled with plastic and alloy arms robotic programmer to assemble the big things produced by the printer without any supervision of human. All components of the Archinaut strong enough to continue to work in micro gravity and harsh conditions, such as the consequences of lunar dust and extreme temperatures.

Said Aaron Kemer, co-founder and President in the company field of the MySpace profile: “the company intends to launch a system to meet Archinaut the launch of large products such as beams and the reflectors for satellites within five years”.

Added Eric Joyce, the project manager, the system Archinaut will help the astronauts repair their space vessels without the need of a lot of material, and without exposure to the type of risk suffered by the crew of Apollo 13 in 1970.

In the end the company aims to use the system Archinaut to build the spacecraft, and the satellite in space which can help people to reach the moon and Mars more quickly.

Getting investors to invest in the field of space technology in the recent period where it was a huge amount of $ 3.9 million to invest in private companies working in the field of space technology last year according to a report issued by the Space Angels. Accordingly, the foundation expects Morgan Stanley to double the size of the industry of commercial space by 2040.

Think company Made in Space of commercial companies the same few self-financing that has succeeded in achieving rapid growth without getting funding from other investment, to date the company has funded its operations with a series of government grants and revenues from partnerships, research and development and sales of its services or systems.

The company has developed printers for three-dimensional and installed on the International Space Station. And these systems are used in the manufacture of materials needed by the researchers on board the International Space Station to conduct scientific experiments and other things.

Today, getting stuff in a small space is expensive and difficult, where everything must be strong and compact enough to be shipped in the launch vehicle. Said max fagin. flight engineer in the company field of the MySpace: “most of this stuff was manufactured with a into account to be lighter and cheaper at a rate of 10 times”.

Said Vaughn: “it’s an essential step too in the future of the human race to be able to life in every environment available in the solar system, and we can’t do it by importing everything you need from the ground, but will be accomplished through the manufacture of what you need in the space”.

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