AR glasses next come with microLED in young

Use the next versions of augmented reality glasses en technical use in the design of the screen of a Liquid Crystal screen characteristic with microLED.


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He confirmed a report published recently that the next versions of augmented reality glasses change technical screens that kicked off in 2013 with Google Glass which I knew بLiquid Crystal, with a microLED, which will be among the next releases for the system of augmented reality, which will be technically efficient for customers best for currently being used.

The report also noted that the performance of the new technique is better than the laser technique used by some companies, which may adversely affect the wearer, so will be the AMOLED screens is the first to assess the microLED new, except that the latter comes with features in response to the faster, higher contrast along with a longer lifespan.

Also featuring screens with microLED brightness 30 times higher than young possible AMOLED, so it may be the best choice for augmented reality, however, this category of tea did not come into mass production until now, where the display of these screens from Samsung in the model only during the exhibition CES in the beginning of this year.

Projections indicate that this new technology in the screens need to be a significant cost to start mass production, however, the projections indicate that Apple will be the first companies producing for this category of screens after acquiring LuxVue, where indicated, leaks that the company already has 300 engineers dedicated to work on the screens microLED at the current time.

So we might see the launch of augmented reality glasses according to Digitimes, which used technology microLED in the screens after the launch of the production of Apple during the next year.


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