Apps to track movement of family the prevalence data of 238 thousand people across the stored base data is safe

تطبيقات تعقب الحركة العائلية تفشي بيانات 238 ألف شخص عبر تخزينها بقاعدة بيانات غير آمنة

Report to Techcrunch leaks serious, including personal data of a large number of users of the application and a motion tracker, Wuhan apps are used mostly by parents to monitor the movements of their children or family members within the scope of the geographic area in particular is alerting parents, for example, in the case of exceeding the child’s geographical area has been identified the movement of the bracelet go to school or otherwise.

The report indicated that about 2300000 people who use these apps have been leaking their data due to saved in the servers data is safe, the included data to track sites where people provide directly the time of their emancipation as well as of personal data including geographical areas identified by parents for their children to send alerts in case of exceeded.

Having heard the information available in non-secure mode for weeks before the problem is solved and make sure the safety of keeping her in the present time; but can not ignore the effects of severe that may result from the leaking of that data, particularly to include the data of the site may cause harm to persons in the event of misuse of its up to threaten the life of the same person.

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