Apps Ramadan for the first day (1) – set to standby supportive for the Arabic language!

Happy New Year visitors News applications. During the month of Ramadan we’ll show you several applications on a daily basis. Today in our article today we have applied two distinct development needs that support the Arabic language fully.

The application of translated documents and books, and scanning (with Apple and Google!)

Translate all types of documents and books and texts to and from any language, supports Arabic!

  • Scanning and archiving, translation, printing and signing the documents and extract the text and share any PDF document or JPEG.
  • Supporting documents and Arabic books and Arabic language fully!
  • Scan any thing you need including books and receipts, documents, notes, paper, papers fax and store your apples as PDF files or JPEG multi-page.
  • Ability to scan many pages at once.
  • The possibility to protect files with a password
  • Manager files to save the installation files
  • The advantage of e-signature E-signature
  • The possibility of the amendment on file, and recognize text and translate it.
  • The advantage of translation into many other languages.

مترجم الوثائق والكتب

مترجم الوثائق والكتب

تطبيق مترجم الوثائق و الكتب و المسح الضوئي

** The app is available free for download trade for a limited time and if you like it you can upgrade to the full version.

Download a version for iPhone and iPad:

Coder: Nayer Abu Soud

Translated conversations and word – speak and understand any language you want (with Google and Apple!)


  • Interpretation of the acoustic with the possibility of reading the translation phonetically.
  • Translation of texts and phrases.
  • Save the frequency reference mode and more.
  • Support more than more than 40 languages in the transliteration and 60 language in the translation text.
  • Support Arabic language in full voice and text.
  • Translated web pages via the Safari browser.
  • High accuracy in translation and voice recognition

مترجم المحادثات و الكلام - تحدث و افهم أي لغة تريدها بكبسة زر

مترجم المحادثات و الكلام - تحدث و افهم أي لغة تريدها بكبسة زر

مترجم المحادثات و الكلام - تحدث و افهم أي لغة تريدها بكبسة زر

**Note:the app is free and fully with the limits for everyday use and with some advertising, you can get to the backups without limits and without ads and with all features from within the app.

Download on iPhone and iPad:

Coder: Nayer Abu Soud

If you are a developer and publish your apps via the news app to reach for a large segment of Arab users to reason across the following mail: will your app soon in the list of news apps if level befitting the user.

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