Apps of the week for iPhone and iPad – a bunch of new games and offers are available for a limited time!

We are in the news app as usual since many years offer you every week a fantastic range and distinct from applications that are tested by our experts, these choices are the result of research and hard work to provide the apps you’re looking for without fuss in the search among a huge amount in the Apple App Store “August store”, remembering always that you like with a note that some applications include their free offers for a limited time, so a bite to them and not to miss the opportunity because those offers may expire at any time and the location of the “news applications” is not responsible for that!

Game Call of Duty Mobile .. suitable Pubg!

Game P is now available on iPhone and iPad! Comes version Call Of Duty mobile series of new events to differ from those in version the PC, but keep all the perks and enhancements found on the original version of the game.

إطلاق لعبة Call of Duty Mobile على اندرويد و iOS

The game is available for free, but they include some purchases of internal optional to change the appearance of your character, and Call of Duty Mobile five maps to play, there is a battlefield, “Pat Royal” place of 100 players and more exciting events within the game such as the zombies and your group of 5 players against 5 players, and the mask against the mask.

The game supports text conversations and audio with three-dimensional graphics making it a strong contender for Game building mobile famous.

Price : free

Game Mario Kart Tour

A new game by Nintendo for the iPhone and iPad. The game is a race with obstacles in the track race classic and new ones inspired by several real ways in the most famous cities around the world.

لعبة Mario Kart Tour

Solver of the race there are many challenges to overtake other racers and avoid the obstacles and collect the collectibles, there are also challenges side and the madness and chaos Frenzy Mode through which the player can collect a lot of collectibles to complete the race an advantage over the other racers note that only lasts for a very short time.

Price : free download

Application Threads from Instagram!

Is the application of Design Instagram lets you share photos, videos and interviews and Stories directly with your closest friends is only available on Instagram or Threads.

تطبيق Threads من إنستاغرام!Application Threads from Instagram!

You can modify the list of friends within the app as you wish, as that application is integrated with the application of Instagram’s basic terms of text messages exchanged with friends.

Price : free

Application of the Grammar Checker X audit language

Is an application very useful for doing syntax checking on hand to the spelling and grammar of any text written in English. The application is useful for students and scholars who write sentences or essays or homework in English.

تطبيق Grammar Checker X للتدقيق اللغويApplication of the Grammar Checker X audit language

The app will detect the error and indicate the details as the app has the ability to patch all the errors detected.

Price : free download

The application of Screen Recorder to record the screen

Is an application that allows you to record what is going on on the screen of your device (Games, matches and events that are broadcast live, the videos can’t be downloaded, etc.).

تطبيق Screen Recorder لتسجيل الشاشةThe application of Screen Recorder to record the screen

Also you can edit video through stories and crafts training, and other options, it also enables to convert video to a moving picture GIF.

Price : free

The application of Starlight to create situations and Stories

Is application you can create situations and stories Stories to Share via Instagram or WhatsApp or Facebook or any social media professionally because they contain ready-made templates you can add photos or video, write on them and add audio as you wish, then save and share directly with ease.

تطبيق Starlight لإنشاء حالات و StoriesThe application of Starlight to create situations and Stories

Price : free download

Game Zooba .. gunship battles in the zoo!

Is one games Battlefield “Battle Royal” like Pubg and Call of Duty, but it contains the story and experience the game simpler and less bloody. Raging battles in the zoo and in the beginning choose one of the animals as you note that each character on the recent strengths and weaknesses and special skills.

لعبة Zooba .. معارك حربية في حديقة حيوان!Game Zooba .. gunship battles in the zoo!

Price : free download

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