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We are in the news app as usual since years long to get back to you at the beginning of each week by a fantastic range and distinct from applications that are tested by our experts, these choices are the result of research and hard work to provide the apps you’re looking for without fuss in the search among a huge amount in Google Play Store “Play Store”, remembering always that you’d like to support with a note that some applications include their free offers for a limited time, so a bite to them and not to miss the opportunity.

Application anti-virus free – organizer the device from viruses

Application Antivirus Free – System device from viruses is one of the best application of the anti-virus 2018 protects your phone from viruses and malware and adware and spyware!

Price : free

Application File Manager File Manager

Helps you File Manager File Manager Manage all your files efficiently! With easy to use interface, allows you File Manager to deal with any file or folder whether it is saved in your device or microSD card or cloud storage accounts, with File Manager you can easily copy, move and rename, delete, search and share and explore and decompress and organize all your files in any of the storage media.

Price : free

Application Internet App Blocker for in connection applications to the internet

You can now control the Connected app on your phone to the internet with ease with the application of Internet App Blocker, such as block a contact Whatsapp internet or block the connection to the messenger, in the more than often you may need to open the internet on your phone to follow the e-mail but you don’t want to get messages from WhatsApp or Facebook for example, with this wonderful app will turn fully in connection applications to the internet.

Price : free

دردشاتي للتعارف والدردشة الشهير باللغة العربية !Chat my alliance chat famous in Arabic !

Chat my alliance chat famous in Arabic !

Chat application MY of the most famous apps dating Arab search for marriage do not violate the Islamic Sharia, the app is not very widespread fame in the Arab world includes a huge number of participants and the possibility of many chat and dating Capricorn with the aim of marriage is halal, the app includes plenty of features for those looking for this type of applications . Features of the app, too. the sheer quantity of participants daily and will continue . The app also features to maintain the pattern of abuse is moral, and without photos or information outside the Arts, features the control of many users . The app gives all common package subscription free for the-3-day also in addition to the potential many free .

Price : free

Application SkyVPN – the best VPN application free

SkyVPN is an application that provides free VPN service and unlimited by the broker server lets you access blocked sites and give incentives to the WiFi network at school or university, or the firewall at work, it also protects your privacy in web browsing without any obligation to record the data.

Price : free

Application Photo Editor – Collage Maker

Offers a photo editor you all what you want to edit the photo, help you a large range of effects and stylish filters and companies and drawing tools to create a photo collage banner system, so if you haven’t edited a photo before.

Price : free

The application Fight Photo Editor to add effects wounds

The application presents Fight Photo Editor range from the effects of injuries that can be added to your pictures Real to fool your friends and the app is simple and easy for.

Price : free

Application Galaxy Overlay Photo App

Application Galaxy Overlay Photo App is one of the coolest applications to everyone for the photos, add the effects of Galaxy magic to mix your pictures to a world as attractive.

Price : free

Application photo gallery actor Gallery

Learn simple and fast light for Android phones, with the possibility of the amendment to the images and recognize the faces with the features of artificial intelligence.

Price : free

Application Kids Launcher

Application Kids Launcher is the interface of the phone is pretty simple for children, support parental control on the phone.

Price : free

Apply cancel follow on Twitter

You can this app unfollow people who don’t on Twitter, once you login with your Twitter will show you a list of people you follow and follow you, you can choose and unfollowing as many as you want.

Price : free

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