Apps hetsa help you follow the World Cup from your mobile


A few days separate us from staging the World Cup in Russia 2018, where you will be 4 teams-Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Morocco, which makes this event of particular importance significantly, the following are a set of simple apps that would help users to follow the events of the World Cup matches easily and especially to those who have not been able to travel to attend the games, and they are as follows:

– App official FIFA

Is the official app the Federation of international Football Association FIFA, which is the application is free and available on the platform. Android and iOS, users can get all news and new events of the World Cup news, schedule matches, and the team favorite for user notifications for every new thing.


– Application Goal Live Score

Or for users who want to know the final results and important information, the application Goal Live Score is the solution, where the users of the results of all matches various installation opportunities, which he says refreshes in real time from the results of the matches, which is also available on Android and iOS.


– The application of One Football

This app lets users stay up to date on the latest events in the activities of the games and all what is related to the World Cup, which offers the user all want to know about matches, including match results, news, team situation, etc., is available on Android and iOS.


-Application of the Forza Football

Is the application possessed a great interface, and offers a lot of information about the World Cup, offering the user what they are looking for news, new opportunities and results as well as to provide notices of the most important and latest what trading about, it also provides the schedule for the matches to the smallest detail.

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