Apps Google you will get the design of the Material Design 2.0 coming soon

Work the Google on the version of the major update to includes all of the applications and services of the company in order to prevent these products of the second generation of the design language what you want use design Material Design 2.0.

The update started making its way slowly to develop the company, such as Chrome and c The and application Google Photoshop and application of trips and other but certainly at the end of time will be released for all applications probably by the end of this year.

The most prominent asset in the design of the New is the disappearance of the colors that were marked applications Google where the numerator of the white control almost entirely on the interface of the application.

This update will include applications on smartphones and services across the web will have to paint white the new so to speak with some bug fixes and the usual improvements to performance.

So now there’s no time frame for the arrival of the update, but even the images that I saw in this news are just perceptions of the new design based on recent leaks, so we must wait to get the new Google in this regard.


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