Apps collect user data and send it to Facebook without a permit

Further violations of users ‘privacy on the internet, where the monitoring of a set of applications on the platform landed up to more than 20 apps send users’ data to a company Facebook page, without the prior permission of the users, where it comes from between their apps check Popular already.


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Hours separate us from the end of 2018, however, news breakthroughs, abuses user data on the internet by major companies is not finished yet.

And a new report revealed on the internet, that some applications on the platform landed which up to more than 20 applications, work on data transfers users the most privacy to the company Facebook page without prior authorization.

Among the 20 applications some applications that achieve popularity spread already have a lot of users such as application of the Kayak, and MyFitnessPal, and Skyscanner to the application side of TripAdvisor, which include the information that is being violated analytical data that is sent when launching the app for the first time, among which is the Android ID for the user.

Also examples of data that is sent to Facebook, for example, in the application of the Kayak, which works on sending the data to search for travel destinations, or flights and dates also.

This news in conjunction with the declaration of the founder of Facebook recently about the reforms carried out by the company to protect users ‘data, but these new details confirm that Facebook still need to work seriously to protect users’ private data optimally.


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