Apps can measure the speed of your smart phone

Constitutes most of the smartphone users from their sense slowing down the phone a little, after a year or two years from the beginning of their use of them, so experts advise not to stop at the sensation, and all of the test work to measure the speed of the phone. before you think seriously about changing it.

And many specialists some of the smartphone applications useful in testing the speed of our phones with clear standards, it also includes some options to try to reset the phone to its performance and speed of the former.

AnTuTu Benchmark

Is this app months applications to measure the performance of smart phones and mobile devices, where used by more than 100 million users around the world, which is available for Android phones Android via the Google Play Store, as well as for users of iOS devices via the Apple Store.

The app says to test the capabilities of the device, including the treatment of the central CPU catastrophe GPU and memory, which measures the performance of all the components of the phone individually, and gives a detailed report on its performance.

Geekbench 4

It is one of the popular applications in measuring the performance of smart phones, and for Android devices andiOS devices, say device a report on the performance of the CPU, both in the case of the processing functions individually or at the same time, as the application contains the results of all tests conducted by using, so you can compare them at any time.


The focus of this app to measure the performance of the phone with games and GPU, and how is the performance of the phone in the case of complex games which contain graphics and scenes are visually intense, which lets you compare the results of the test your phone with the results obtained by other users of the same phone, to be a good idea on the performance of your phone, the app is immediately adjacent to the users of Android systems and iOS.

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