Approximately 70% of the sites of hotels, electronic display information of inmates at risk

قرابة 70% من مواقع الفنادق الإلكترونية عرضت معلومات نزلائها للخطر

Study revealed buy Symantec competent in the field of security and protection from hacking about the involvement of the 67% of sites hotels, electronic leak guest information profile, where the study on the examination of over 1,500 locations for different hotels across 54 countries around the world, to show the lure to leak that information, mostly via the confirmation e-mail that reaches a customer represents a tool for data theft!

Included List study hotels successfully differentiated service whether from the star to tourist resorts author of the five-star and distributed in a number of EU countries, Canada and the United States of America.

Speaking of Gap, the company explained that this is during the booking process itself; through a confirmation email containing a link the user clicks to mg and asked to login again, where has this link to the booking code and email address and which represent the hacker tool to unravel the rest of the guest information personal.

Where the hotels share information about its guests with third-party companies and e-mail reservation code visible as a large number of such hotels don’t encrypt this link allows the attacker to access sensitive information by exploiting reservation code and email address include the full name of the guest, passport number, and personal identity as well Phone Number and other sensitive information.

The company said that they agree with those hotels, and I told her about this loophole where the majority responded to the reforms necessary in The didn’t know some attention to this topic.

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