Approval of an American for”Elon musk” the Internet project space

Approved by the FCC on the plan of the company “SpaceX” SpaceX to provide services of broadband internet (broadband) via the satellite revolves around the earth, a project adopted by American businessman famous “Elon musk”.

Creates mask to spread 4,425 satellites is small in the low orbit of the earth, with the aim of providing Internet services in the world, particularly in remote and rural areas.

The Committee said in a statement: “This is the first approval and licensing from the United States of America the constellation of satellites to provide Internet using the new generation of satellite technologies in low Earth orbit, which is a step towards the start of the competition to provide this service in the United States of America”.

Creates mask to start his service for the Internet space globally by mid-2020, which will be called starlink Starlink.

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