Applying the lens of Google Now comes in brief new research on the Android


For the first time we saw the abilities to apply the lens of Google, “Google Lens” was in the service of the Google image, then was the app only supports the service, but these days it’s becoming available everywhere, generally today in the new update to apply the lens of the Google of the Android system, there are some important additions and really, which would facilitate the process of searching for elements in your photos.

Where the added choice at the top of the app interface would allow you as a user to investigate the transition to the images stored in your device and look for it, previously you had to open the Photos app Google to check images stored there.

And the general concept for Google is visual search in real-time, but there may be some cases in which you want to search for some memories in your old photos, to come this shortcut, saving you.

In respect of the possibility to use, after clicking on the icon of the new shortcut, you’ll be able to watch the latest of your photos, by clicking on the menu button, you will be able to choose a photo from Google Drive or even from the gallery application, and finally update the Google Lens comes gradually to users, in the case of non-arrival you wait a few more days.

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