Applying the lens of Google, “Lens” will support the Turkish initiative to filter restaurants

تطبيق عدسة قوقل "Lens" سيدعم الترجمة المباشرة وفلتر المطاعم

One of the most apps Google intelligence is the application of many of the “Google Lens”, however it is still very limited, and of course with finding the idea, we’ll see many applications in this area, and this is what really happened, but before that have to rely on these applications, we inform you that the application of the lens of Google will get the advantages of very important, the most notable feature of the Turkish initiative, and filter the search for restaurants near you.

In this context, the source revealed, that the company processing new filter development by the lens “Lens”, for that is the launch of the update in the near future, therefore, will include this update on the set of new filter targeted to the completion of tasks realistic and specific, as shown below.

For example, there is the filter “translation”, which will detect the language automatically and display transferred to the other language rather than just copy the text and requested translation from translation services to many, as there are signals to the filter “restaurants” which will look for nearby restaurants, including popular dishes.

There is a filter “registry” which will focus on more public goods, finally not sure when this update to apply the Lens, but is expected to see at the conference, Google Developers I / O and used in the date of May 7, and it wouldn’t be surprising if we see these features officially prior to this conference.

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