Applying the lens of Google comes the return of the new filter as getting a favorite dish and more

تطبيق عدسة قوقل يأتي بعوامل تصفية جديدة كالحصول على الطبق المفضّل وأكثر

Earlier this month, it announced Google that the application of the lens of Google, “Google Lens” will get a new filter, such as the ability to point your phone to the list of restaurants and get recommendations on the most popular dishes, generally started this new advantages in appearing to some users, coupled with a process of reform and renewal to the design of the app.

As can be access to the new user interface through the Google or Google image, the first thing you’ll notice is the presence of the 5 modes or filters is “automatic, translation, text, shopping, eating”, and detail will be the first factor analysis of all what is the router not through the camera, and the second to the third and fourth will be through them scan the barcode or recognize objects automatically, and finally the fifth will give you recommendations to help choose a favorite dish in the restaurant.

تطبيق عدسة قوقل يأتي بعوامل تصفية جديدة كالحصول على الطبق المفضّل وأكثر

As described above, will appear different situations in a circular ring at the bottom of the screen, and the shutter button to freeze the image to start automatic identification on them, there is also an icon in the upper right corner allows you to choose an existing image from your phone gallery to select them, with the presence of the feature cropped makes it easy to get a better picture.

Finally, this update is server-side, as indicated by Google, and therefore will be released for all Android users over the next few days or weeks.

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