Apply the team adds new features to manage groups easily

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تطبيق تليجرام يضيف مزايا جديدة لادارة المجموعات بسهولةApply the team adds new features to manage groups easily

Apply the team adds new features to manage groups easily

Announced the application term for a set of new administration groups in my version of the app for Android and Apple, will be available to everyone the beginning of the next few days.

Refused to update the maximum to join, per group of 100 thousand to 200 thousand members, to accommodate the massive combos .

According to what has been posted on the blog app official , will be the new version 5.2 also has the following advantages :

• Change the powers of all members of the group. Restrict members from sending specific types of messages.
• The settings of the uniform in all groups. Make groups Public, appointed supervisors new powers to specific and non-specificity of the record of conversation by a few.
• Undo delete conversations or their contents within 5 seconds. In addition to the confirmation window detailed by the deletion.
• New options to arrange your contacts: by name or by the date of the last appearance.
• Visual effects new during the upload and download media.
• Dramatic increase in loading speed of the data media.

New updates will also copy the disk top of the app.

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