Apply the Duo of Google gets updated night mode

Duo | Dark Mode

As everyone knows the Google updates many apps and add Night Mode like the Gmail app and the Play Store said the company has also added Night Mode in its latest update to develop the Duo .

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Once you activate the night mode in the application of the Duo, achieved form of the app to Night Mode and also change the writing to gray or white, this reduces the pressure on the eye and makes using the app more easily .

Night mode in the application of the Duo must be activated automatically if you got the latest update Android 10 and to activate the night mode in the settings, but you can also do it on and off manually through the Settings app .

Google also announced that the feature of Night Mode in the application of the Duo is still being updated so even if you have the latest version of the app on your phone there is no assurances you get that water immediately .


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