Apply Power Shade to customize the notifications bar on your Android phone

With the powers of root and even without having it, the users have the ability to customize their phones Android operating fully with the finer details, apply Power Shade the latest of these applications, and according to his description of the store Google Play this is the most advanced application of group applications involved in the field.

In relation to the goal of this app, it says to change the degree or the notifications bar and make it lovely, according to your taste and your preferences, where its main feature full customization of the colors of the bar notice, and most of the management of these notifications so that you can read it or postponed or migrate and recall them later.

It also supports the application of the Power Shade feature to quick reply on Android 5.0 the latest, and not only that, but there is a feature compilation of notifications smartphone, which facilitates the process of control, we’re not done yet!

Where have app themes “themes” inspired by the latest Android version 9.0, both themes lit or dark or colorful, and there are tools to choose the different color codes and the background of the quick settings panel, change the color of the scroll bar, choose a photo from the gallery of your photos to be displayed in the shade.

Finally, more worthy of reference to the powers of the root in this app is optional, since it does not change for any parts of your system, it has limited ability in the quick settings (can’t toggle mobile data and location services etc it even opens the Settings page for you), so to customize this dotted has to be granted to the application the powers of the root.

Download application Power Shade from here.

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