Apply Fuzion to incorporate personal photos captured by the iPhone with the participation of stunning natural

Will be launching a new application for photography on iOS system called Fuzion in the history of 24 January the current. The app uses data camera TrueDepth of the new iPhones to create stunning images smoothly by taking pictures of silhouettes automatically from a picture Portrait and remove the background. The user can mix the images of the phenomenon easily with the image of the other.

The app enables iPhone users to create amazing pictures by blending multiple images easily by using snapshots

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The advantages of applying the Fuzion

  • Capture a photo portrait directly through the app, which automatically detects the image silhouettes of a person.
  • Choose from a variety of backgrounds to senior designers to blend your profile picture.
  • Add overlays dust, and leaks light, and filter colors to make pictures more clear

Fuzion is compatible with the iPhone 8 Plus X to Xs and XR will be available for free. There’s at Fuzion in-app purchase worth $ 3 to unlock all photo backgrounds, overlays and other features.

Check out the video demo below and head to the Web page Fuzion page Instagram to see more.

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