Apply 3DPro Camera – the first application to export three-dimensional video for iPhone and iPad!

We have a new application today called 3DPro help owners of the iPhone & iPad on the video series, professional 3D with ease, which is the first and best of its kind to carry out these tasks, without the need for complex choices or additional hardware!

تطبيق 3DPro Camera - أول تطبيق لتصوير الفيديو ثلاثي الأبعاد للآيفون والآيباد!
Apply 3DPro Camera – the first application to export three-dimensional video for iPhone and iPad!

You can record video with high quality due to its program in addressing all of the requirements to come out of you video is ready to be viewed on any display device that supports this technology or even the virtual reality glasses VR. You can do it without costs for the purchase of custom display.

Depends 3DPro on gyroscope iPhone your differences in time for the viewer to process the scene and out you Video closer to the camera, the real 3D, has I can the programmer do it depending on the techniques of complex software do something similar to what you do cameras the dedicated cover for the purchase!

تطبيق 3DPro Camera
Apply 3DPro Camera

Has told us developer on the program page at the App Store it will update the program to reflect professionally more in the identification of moving objects and get them at the best viewing angle to feel the depth of the scene is larger and finer, but this is all under development now and we’re waiting for the next update Insha Allah.

And 3DPro Camera

The best thing is that the app is great for a special video. Everything is done through the user interface extremely simple. There are no specific settings just all you need is to press the record button so the program starts to work processing the scene outfitted with the at any time without the consumption of any extra time for processing after filming the scene, making this program the best program on the App Store right now this magnificent property in one device without buying any additional tool or even a new device (we recommend using the iPhone 6s what the latest or iPad 6 and newer).

تطبيق 3DPro Camera
Apply 3DPro Camera

What about the programmer this app?

Coder his name is AMR Gaber which is the developer of Arabs from Palestine and I have programmed the development of this work with the help of some developers from abroad have been working on this project for 6 years of repetition and attempts to show this app on the Apple App Store!


Works on iPhone and iPad-Touch and iPad.

The operating system appropriate: iOS 11 the mouth of the latest.

Size: 10 MB.

Download on iPhone and iPad:

Coder: Amro Jaber

Price : 7.99$


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