Applications: to apply the Zen Screen that will not abandon him anymore.

In the age of technology where each one of us have his mobile phone and lives in his own world connected with remote and separate from the near, many of the apps that came with to resolve this problem in order to reduce our use of excessive our phones which is satisfactory in every sense of the word.

But the problem lies not only US adults, but looking a lot of parents on the applications and ways to help them control and use their children for their phones or their tablets, compared to today, will the problem of our addiction we adult social networking applications will allow us to enjoy a longer time of sleep and family, as well as the problem of addiction of children to the games and watch videos and stuff.

And waited until the last article I have is important I’d be happy share it with you.

Before I complete know that the latest version of Android which is Android P came with the use of applications for a specific period and many of the various situations that you talk about it from the original system without the need for external applications, but let’s be honest as a user of the received version of the Android P? Add that the computer your child the tablet certainly won’t protect these women.

Enough introductions and let’s get started..

Our application today is ZenScreen which of the apps that you can download from the Google Play Store.

How to use the app:

When you open the application using our interface we features to which we will one after the other after a few, then ask the shopping app on a new account or log in to the account of the former (so that the app supports features relating to control of times we use for our and our children it is 1 in 2 So if you want to talk with a phone of your child you must install the app on the device its also login with the same account you recorded it on your personal computer).

تطبيق zenscreen


In the beginning the control of the app to get different powers and we’ll give him these powers, then we find many options and features.

The advantage of Quiet Time:

I find that this feature is very useful a feature that you shut down all applications and programs on the device for a short period such as the period of dinner or sit with your family or other in addition to we can identify certain times in a day in order to activate this feature automatically, as soon as we click on this feature will show us the following list:

First Smart Mornings:

I think we all suffer from addiction lose notifications in the morning as soon as we wake up which takes sometimes half an hour or more, and we’re still in bed we eat from one application to another, and because the application ZenScreen logical, it will allow us to browse the notifications for just 10 minutes, and then do the advantage of Quiet Time for a certain period we selected to go in the morning, we actively

Secondly, Calm Nights:

In conjunction with our problem in the morning, we can’t deny the problem of the customer, time and vast that we spend on our phones before bedtime, therefore, activating this feature the application will meet the independence and all the applications which we define as starting from the time of sleep until the morning.

Third, Daily Time Limit:

This feature is probably stating little more than we adults, as this water in which we could determine times allowed for the use of games and apps children on their devices and the child a warning before the 10 minutes of stop app or game for work.

Fourth Zen Break :

This feature is very basic so that they give us the recovery feature of social apps exclusively for a full hour, and then continue to use that app when we want until we do it again.

The application can recognize the different applications and types in order to classify them under different features such as apps games and apps to social media, gives us this app is a comprehensive analysis of the hours we use for these applications, split applications and productivity applications, shopping and games.

I will mention to you a brief information about the app first and then we’ll discuss some necessary things:

Application name: ZenScreen

Link to the app:

App size before installation: about most

Ratings: 4.1/5 stars

Price: free but! Wait before you close the There’s something important I want to mention it.

The app is free but to get all features we need for a subscription per year or per month otherwise the features that we get a few but that, fortunately, we have a trial period for 14 days here’s the bottom line.

What I wanted to mention it in the first place is that I would like to establish a challenge with you through our use of this application so that we will not run a public competition, but this will be a contest between each one of himself and His Will, we are all suffering from the problems of addiction to technology and we must take care of this by finding the appropriate means to reduce this problem and I see in this application a suitable solution, but!

I know the problem of electronic payment that may not be available for all users in the Arab world, so what’s the solution?

Since the program gives us a trial period for 14 days as that according to the studies we are to learn any normally healthy or unhealthy we need for the convergence of the fame of Kiev commit it, I advise you therefore only to persons who are unable to pay electronic!

I advise you experience app from the account of the first 14 days and then uninstall the app and create a new account for the last 14 days, so if she has to use the app properly we will find ourselves properly comfortable psychologically capable of restraint after this month without the need for apps and stuff, honestly it’s a challenge I’d like to see him so hard with you.

And for people interested in using the app to monitor and determine the hours of use of children.

As I said, the price of subscription application services amounting to $ 3 monthly for a year or $ 5 per month, I know it’s not the price of steam and that there are many other applications that perform similar functions, but I think that our children deserve every care and attention if we are to protect them and keep their mind growing up properly, you have to pay for not squirt the measures to meet it.

And honestly, I found this app of the best apps that address the previous problems and that’s why I chose the rest of the other free apps.

Tell us what you think, are you ready to experience transformation?

Are you with creating articles for discussion on this topic in the section of dialogue where you can share your experiences about this problem?

Waiting for your opinions and suggestions..


Blog apps: know to apply the Zen Screen that will not abandon him after now was first deployed in the are.

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