Applications don’t know a lot of the production company everyone knows: Google

You don’t have to tell you that there’s an app called (Facebook), or to talk to you about my app (YouTube) and(gimli), for example, those apps you use -most likely – on a daily basis, some of which are native to your smart phone before you even buy it.

Those apps and other apps are famous of famous companies, but it is not the only one that has those well-known companies launched, there are other applications of the production of those companies, the application of the less known and some of them -or a lot – you may not know about something or haven’t heard of it before, so this article has one goal is you to know some of those apps useful and famous, and coming from companies you know her well, we’ll make it more personalized to know apps Google gas only famous.

1. Science Journal

Apply in advance for fans and enthusiasts of Science and observation of things in nature, allows you to use and internal sensors in your phone to measure several things, such as the intensity of the sound and lighting and the amount of trust, and other also offers you space to record observations and document the results, you can learn more about it via its own official website.

2. Application en Stickers

A light application does the job staker mobile of video you are recording via the camera phone, through augmented reality technology (augmented reality), for example you can visualize yourself adds a cartoon character yawning while sitting on your shoulder, the app, although it works on the cameras (Pixel) only, but there are ways to download it and use it on any other phone.

3. The application of ARCore

Since we are talking about augmented reality (AR), so let’s talk about this app that is considered fact for the Google augmented reality which launched less than a year ago, a private industry models, augmented reality, production, projects in this area, it has been used for industry projects, enhanced reality can be reviewed in the site withgoogle own experiences and models.

4. Application Datally

One of the applications useful and important to prevent the use of the internet via the phone network, through the app you will be able to monitor the consumption of Internet and the applications that operate in secret and allow you to plan or balance, the several properties, and displays the data in a lovely manner and experience of using a easy.

5. The application Androidify

The application to create avatars animated, but like the icon of the Android famous, many options and possibilities that allow you to modify the structure of the Android original to form a picture, like your picture or your personality, and then share it via the software Messaging as an animation or image, or simply make it your profile picture. (Official site provides the same service)

6. YouTube Go

Do you have kids love to watch the songs of the (tree of Paradise) or other videos that you see and the complexity of dozens or hundreds of times, if this app is the solution, it’s a custom application to upload videos from YouTube, yes that’s right, the value decided to offer it officially under the umbrella of her rather than behind her back, the app requires registration with the phone number and asks you to sync contacts so you can share videos with your friends after download.

Of the nurses that you are able to review the shots (images) of the video before you download, as well as choose the size and quality of the video and know exactly how much each version will take data and storage before analysis, and all this help in saving the consumption of the internet.

7. Trusted Contacts

The application allows you to select Contacts near you (such as family) can do to know your place or else where, or to send you where you to them in case of Emergency, provides some other characteristics that revolve around the same goal and purpose, which is to check on the next of kin in case of Emergency.

8. Application Meter

Running this application with specific types of phones, and simply work wallpapers screen dynamics consist of geometric shapes, and those shapes changed with the you choose, such as can choose the amount of battery charge, and when you choose it you will see a box hanging in its colors, or a large circle and within it one other small change their size, or any other form of change, whenever change the amount of Shipping, or Wi-Fi signal strength, or other determinants.

9. Google Classroom

It is an app, famous in the middle tutorial, a free service offered by Google for teachers and students to create a communicative environment used in the classroom the realism to facilitate the educational process, can use this app or the main website and login via account Google main then take advantage of all the characteristics of the nurses.

10. Find My Device

This service and this app is important despite the limited use it will know its value only lost his phone, where he says sell your phone in case you forget him or the loss of confidentiality, knows his place in the map and allows you to do some actions like send ringtone lengthy or closing the screen or even wipe the data remotely, but it’s all of course under phone connection lost to the internet, note that all these options are available in the official website:

11. The application Snapseed

Is Application specialist in the modification and editing of the images, contains more than 20 tool and filter can choose from to improve the captured image, deals with images in the JPG as well as RAW.

12. Files Go by Google

There are applications famous in connection with the draft files without Internet (offline reference), but many do not know that Google has one also, which offers more than one service at the same time, it is the organization of files and effective way to search for files and access them quickly, in addition to sharing files with other devices nearby in secret in an encrypted manner (subject to the availability of the app in other device).

13. Google News

Despite its presence in many devices, but little used, is the application to follow the new news, favorite themes coming from reputed sites, you can customize the geographic region and language to get you the latest news for your country and the languages of the Local, the app displays the average temperature can be chosen or favorite Topics To read new.

14. The application PhotoScan

The idea is simply to turn your photos optical to digital, the photo paper that you keep in the closet of old things, this app can be used to export those photos with your phone camera and then improved to be able to keep them in the phone memory or any memory number.

15. Google Allo

Although he got some hype at launch over a year ago, only that the statistics of the analysis and evaluation refers not only it has become popular apps, is a messaging app that integrates some of the services of “assistant Google” adds fun to your correspondence, the feature of automatic responses and the conversations can be called on site Google in any conversation to provide any information or content areas.

16. Chrome Remote Desktop

Can via this app to control your device desktop remote you, enter to your desktop and handle your computer via your smart phone, it requires the installation of added software in Google Chrome inside your computer before you use the app.

17. Hangouts Dialer

What he doesn’t know a lot that Google has a telephone service via the internet (VoIP), you can experience international contacts at discounted prices (Click here to see pricing for each country), and can connect to America and Canada free of charge, will be required to verify your phone number first, to show your number while calling to others like you’re calling from your regular phone (may not work in some countries).

18. Application Clock

Even the application area of small, no receipt of the entry of corporate giants in it, this app is simple and displays a digital clock and alarm function display of some of the timing of the world and other known characteristics, features one of use all.

19 the application of Wallpapers

A apply backgrounds screen changing (and moving) allows you to choose any wallpaper ready from the library of the interior to investigate, or choose to Auto Update for wallpapers, so that you get a new wallpaper every day automatically change and download from Internet to your device.

20. Google Tasks

Some blame Google on the launch of this app, where they say that there’s an app sing about it (Google Keep), and in fact it is the application’s more specialized in the creation task lists and managing (To-do Lists), and provides a lot of characteristics that are not available in the other application, you can modify and create lists across multiple interfaces:

  • Via Gmail
  • Across the site
  • By adding Google Chrome

21. YouTube VR

Turn you app the platform YouTube and videos to the world, three-dimensional, can use the system of virtual reality to enter into the world of YouTube and watch a video and the rest of the page components to form a large Theater brings you any video to home after that request the -voice – of app search.

22. Cardboard Camera

Is the application allows you to make 360-degree images so you can share them via the system of virtual reality (VR) if not your phone supports export this technology.

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