Applications Coptic will help you to start a spiritual relationship in the New Year

By the end of each year, we try as much as possible to keep our relationship spiritual on the top priorities for the new year, but the circumstances of daily life may be difficult to achieve this goal. Trying Technology achieve this difficult goal, now you can download more from the application of the Christian, helps you to celebrate Christmas, into enthusiasm for a good relationship to God in the New Year. Know the applications and appropriate for you now.

App Coptic Reader

This application features a lot of texts in Coptic, including the psalms, hymns, melodies, services, and also the biography of the parents, get them to select it from here.

Application Katamars + Orsozoxi

The application is free, it can be used at any time without the need to connect to the internet, featuring a number of books which the church needs Christians throughout the celebrations and public events of the Coptic.

Features of this app from the others in that it has a Daily Mail, a verse appears daily on the screen of the phone, beside that it allows you to control the font size, adjust the lectern to read the prayers of both my recognition and measurement, and it also makes you use letters from His Eminence toner Galilee St. Raphael to the news side of the church. Download the application from here.

Applying a verse each day from the Bible

If you are a student at school or university, this app is suitable for you too, because it sends you a verse from the Bible daily, in the letter of the morning and pass the day in peace, but it needs to connect to the internet to use it.

In addition, from within the app full control of the alerts and stuff from running or stopped, with the possibility to share a verse of the day text message or e-mail or on social networks, the app provides information for the Bible, and become verses comforting divided by themes, as an example verses about joy or anger, faith, solace, and many others. Download the application from here.

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