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After the recognition of Google exposing the data of millions of Google +users at risk of hack, with the knowledge we gathered tons of information about the users, maybe some wonder about the possibility of replacing the Google services which make it a feasible option to steal the highlights of the alternative services:

1) an alternative to Google Chrome

It was the popular Firefox years ago added to my Google Chrome, a browser blocking ads that relate to the user, and Mozilla that in its current version the RAM consumption by 30% compared to the browser Chrome, you’ll also find (under Settings) that facilitate the transfer of the lists of favorites and passwords.

2) an alternative search engine to Google

Not about the search engine DuckDuckGo user according to the police, as you will not find them advertising at all, as well as announcements relating to you, as a result of the lack of tracking, the search results will appear without the allocation, unlike the search results in Google that appear based on your previous activity on the platforms of Google, including your preference of certain locations.

3) Alternative Gimli

Service FastMail is working since 15 years and characterized by two things: speed and stylish design easy, whether on phones or the web, you may find it useful to avoid Read system artificial intelligence game content of e-mail messages in order to propose appropriate responses, but it cost 3$-9$ per month after a free trial period for 30 days.

4) alternative to Google Sheets

Service Airtable new and maintain privacy; next to the traditional tabular data, you can use the service as a database, too, where you can attach each cell of tables pictures and many more information. The service is free basically, but some advantages available in return for a financial.

5) an alternative to YouTube

Maybe dispense with YouTube followed by dispensing one of the people you follow, even with Vimeo which is the best alternative based platform to watch videos, ad free, absorbed by means of advanced protection including set a password to restrict access to the videos, most of the system to watch videos, which is basically free but require financial compensation to increase the storage space on Folder option and get additional benefits.

6) an alternative to Google Drive

With Dropbox will allow me for 13 of the 15 gigabytes of address space provided by Google Drive for cloud storage which offers the first 2 gigabytes of address space free free (1 TB cost 8.25$ per month), but it’s one of the few who got a rating of 5 Stars full of the level of protection of data of foundation front e-superior to Google Drive, which achieved 4-star hotel, where he tells of orders to prevent publication of national security to inform the customer to request the authorities their statements.

7) an alternative to Google hang as

Simply the longer term is a better choice for its focus on privacy more than the form of consultation until the end of the messages, you don’t like the term, there are also signal free and safe.

8) alternative to Google Maps

Back the beginning of service OpenStreetMap for 2014, a charity project available free, live to his lack of application on the phone, but can access from a web browser.

9) alternative to Google Image

The Unsplash photographs of the original “threatened by a community of designers” free for personal or business use.

10) an alternative to flights Google

In comparison to a recent Business Insider, found that Skyscanner offers better service in terms of the recommendation of the cheap flights because of the multiple searches and track price all the time, and other benefits unique.

11) alternative to the cult of Google

If you live in some of the possible places there is no better than the Dark Sky to tell you materials appropriate to leave the house based on the forecast rainfall, it also offers other information such as that provided by weather apps other, but it requires a subscription of$ 4 Once.

12) alternative to Google Docs

Maybe don’t install Quip on privacy, but offers the advantages of Excel on Google Docs where says Bret Taylor, co-founder said, “the service revolves around communication as it rotates about the documents”. The cost of the service is$ 30 a month for a team of 5 people$ 12 for each additional person.

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