Application YouTube Official up finally today for your Nintendo Switch


Was in last week to talk about the possibility of the arrival of the YouTube app to your Nintendo Switch. Predicted by many to be the application already exists because YouTube is the number one source worldwide for videos, but not the case. Over the period of wait finally for for your your Nintendo Switch, it has confirmed today that the Youtube app officially arrived to the device, the newest games from the company Nintendo.

I don’t own a Nintendo Switch in fact a lot of video applications. In fact, YouTube is the second application video up to the device after the application of Hulu, which arrived in November last year. The application provides the YouTube official for Nintendo Switch the ability to access to all videos published on the platform. You only need to login using your Google account to access the video library elects and recommendations. It will be possible to also access the Movies Anywhere on the device.

The YouTube app for your Nintendo Switch also has the support of comic videos at an angle of 360 degrees. The application can be controlled using the joystick and buttons to the main screen allows touch-sensitive to control the partial in the application when it is mounted. This is because it is not possible to scroll rapidly up and down to navigate in the app. Gets YouTube at least partial support of the company is sensitive to touch when the laptop note that the application of the Hulu does not have the support of the company is sensitive to touch at all.

Generally, the application YouTube, the official for your Nintendo Switch is now available for free download on the store Nintendo eShop.

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