Application WhatsApp will finally Android devices tablet

تطبيق واتساب سيدعم أخيرًا أجهزة أندرويد اللوحية

Known to everyone that the messaging application WhatsApp is available at full capacity on mobile devices, and on tablets, at least this beard now what is common between users, but that will change soon, as the company is working on the introduction of the app on tablet devices and operating a run Android.

Where in the latest demo version from the App Store and Google Play, this support is available, but you should know that these women are currently offering a limited number of features and functions that are used in the copy of the main phone, but without a doubt will add these functions later, with the ongoing development of the.

Finally you will need to your tablet includes a SIM port to experience the app, put in mind also that you need an account second, because this demo version does not allow you to is a tablet device with your smartphone, with your inability to use the same account on both devices.

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