Application ViewRanger offers you maps and actually enhanced

تطبيق ViewRanger يُقدّم لك خرائط وطرق بالواقع المُعزز

These days technology is becoming the augmented reality “AR” applications of the things the majority of users, and of course there are a bunch of great apps in this area, one of which is the application of ViewRanger available for free on both Android and iOS, in terms of application it is mainly applied to maps and navigation is designed to guide people by bike and outdoor without the need of the internet.

Making it easier for you as a user don’t plan your trip, store and share, and with the advantage of the Skyline next to him, you will benefit from augmented reality technology in the revival of the maps, where using the phone’s camera, you’ll learn the main characteristics about you such as vertices, places and lakes, with the assistant on the development and watch the waypoints and directional arrows to move on the tracks.

One of the features of the other app, save maps for use without the internet, and sites identified on the map using GPS even without network signal, as a feature of the recording track to save it or view it and even add a photo to it, as well as the advantage of location sharing in real-time, and other tools for other tasks.

Finally the application of ViewRanger is available to download for free to download on Android or iOS go to here or here , respectively, with reference to there are some items available for purchase such as the feature of topographic maps and more than 22 countries.

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